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This is the documentation page for Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist

This page contains a list of all parameters considered by Module:Citation/CS1, though not all parameters would be used for all citations.

The content shown here was initially generated by Module:Citation/CS1/Arguments but is now maintained by hand to allow parameters to be assigned one of several defined states. Current states are: active (true), deprecated (false), and obsolete (nil).

These files comprise the module support for cs1|2 citation templates:

cs1 Template:Pipe cs2 modules
  live sandbox description
Gold padlock Module:Citation/CS1 Module:Citation/CS1/sandbox Template:Plain link Rendering and support functions
Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration/sandbox Template:Plain link Translation tables; error and identifier handlers
Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist/sandbox Template:Plain link List of active, deprecated, and obsolete cs1Template:Pipe2 parameters
Module:Citation/CS1/Date validation Module:Citation/CS1/Date validation/sandbox Template:Plain link Date format validation functions
Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers/sandbox Template:Plain link Functions that support the named identifiers (isbn, doi, pmid, etc)
Module:Citation/CS1/Utilities Module:Citation/CS1/Utilities/sandbox Template:Plain link Common functions and tables
Module:Citation/CS1/COinS Module:Citation/CS1/COinS/sandbox Template:Plain link Functions that render a cs1Template:Pipe2 template's metadata
Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css Module:Citation/CS1/sandbox/styles.css Template:Plain link CSS styles applied to the cs1Template:Pipe2 templates
Silver padlock Module:Citation/CS1/Suggestions Module:Citation/CS1/Suggestions/sandbox Template:Plain link List that maps common erroneous parameter names to valid parameter names
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