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Welcome! --Jose77 ༠༨:༣༩, ༡༡ སྤྱི་ཟླ་དྲུག་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)


I noticed your great work here and I would like to suggest you to contribute Tibetan Wikipedia as well (a little bit of contibutions are ok). There is quite bad situation in Tibetan Wikipedia, and me, as a temporary admin of have kind of responsibility for the quality of Tibetan Wikipedia. I would like to ask you the translations for some words in templates and for the names of categories. Thank you. --Viskonsas ༡༧:༣༧, ༦ སྤྱི་ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)


Hello CFynn, if You have the time and leisure, please could You check special:shortpages for nonsense/test-pages and mark pages that can't be rescued with {{delete}}, thanks, best regards, --བྱ་ (:> )=| ༢༡:༥༥, ༢༢ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

About Input system[ཞུན་དག།]

Thanks a lot for writing. I know that the system over here is inadequate. I had tried to create a simple input system with my limited knowledge of Tibetan script. The system needs a lot of modifications. However, to modify the input system (and disable the current system temprarily), I need adminship over here. I had applied for temporary adminship previously and the duration of the adminship has ended. Without sysop status, I cannot do anything. Thanks. --Eukesh ༡༥:༠༥, ༢༣ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

Btw, is there any difference between Tibetan and Dzonkha script?--Eukesh ༡༥:༠༦, ༢༣ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)
Who does have sysop status here?
Tibetan and Dzongkha languages use the same writing system.
An Inkey mimicing the Dzongkha Keyboard layout would be something like:

"`":"༉", "1":"༡", "2":"༢", "3":"༣", "4":"༤", "5":"༥", "6":"༦", "7":"༧", "8":"༨", "9":"༩", "0":"༠", "-":"༔", "=":"།",

"~":"༊", "!":"༄", "@":"༅", "#":"༆", "^":"༈", "&":"༸", "*":"༴", "(":"༼", ")":"༽", "_":"ཿ", "+":"༑",

"q":"ཀ", "w":"ཁ", "e":"ག", "r":"ང", "t":"ི", "y":"ུ", "u":"ེ", "i":"ོ", "o":"ཅ", "p":"ཆ", "[":"ཇ", "]":"ཉ", "\":"ཝ",

"Q":"ྐ", "W":"ྑ", "E":"ྒ", "R":"ྔ", "T":"ྀ", "Y":"྄", "U":"ཻ", "I":"ཽ", "O":"ྕ", "P":"ྖ", "{":"ྗ", "}":"ྙ", "|":"ྭ",

"a":"ཏ", "s":"ཐ", "d":"ད", "f":"ན", "g":"པ", "h":"ཕ", "j":"བ", "k":"མ", "l":"ཙ", ";":"ཚ", "'":"ཛ",

"A":"ྟ", "S":"ྠ", "D":"ྡ", "F":"ྣ", "G":"ྤ", "H":"ྥ", "J":"ྦ", "K":"ྨ", "L":"ྩ", ":":"ྪ", """:"ྫ",

"z":"ཞ", "x":"ཟ", "c":"འ", "v":"ཡ", "b":"ར", "n":"ལ", "m":"ཤ", ",":"ས", ".":"ཧ", "/":"ཨ",

"Z":"ྮ", "X":"ྯ", "C":"ཱ", "V":"ྱ", "B":"ྲ", "N":"ླ", "M":"ྴ", "<":"ྶ", ">":"ྷ", "?":"ྸ",

<space> should be "" and <shift>+<space> should produce a normal <space>

I'm not recommending making such an inkey set. Bhutanese using Dzongkha Unicode will already have a Dzongkha keyboard installed - and anyone who wants to input using Wylie translitteration can install Tise.

CFynn ༡༥:༥༩, ༢༧ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)[ཞུན་དག།]

Hey. Haven't seen you - or anyone else from this wiki - at in a long while. I do hope you will be giving your localisation some tender, love and care really soon. Cheers! Siebrand ༢༣:༠༠, ༢ སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

How to remove Translit input script?[ཞུན་དག།]


Is anyone able to help me gettin the Translit input script template Eukesh has installed on the Dzongkha and Tibetan Wikipedias removed?

I get no response from Eukesh who (maybe thinking it would be helpful) put this script on these Wikipedias which is supposed to allow one to type Dzongkha or Tibetan or by using translitteration - however the script (based on one for Indic languages) may be well intentioned but was obviously written by someone who understood little about Tibetan & Dzongkha translitteration or the model used for encoding Tibetan in the Unicode standard - so the script is worse than useless. It is on by default and consequently this script has to be manually turned off via the checkbox or escape key with each and every edit. This is bad enough, but the template also affects input in the Search /Go To box in the left hand column making that useless. There is no obvious way for users to turn it off there, and without that search box being functional this Wikipedia is totally crippled. (Then people complain that no one is using Dzongkha Wikipedias and want to delete it - this could be one of the main reasons for that sad state of affairs.)

I have suggested to Eukesh that he correct the script - here - but that hasn't happened; I have also asked him several times to remove it - here, here, here and here - but that hasn't happened either. I would remove the script myself, but don't know how to - and anyway probably don't have sufficient rights. Is someone with sufficient rights able to fix this? I have raised this issue at the Help Desk on English Wikipedia - but they say they acan only deal with issues affecting English Wikipedia. There is obviously no Dzongkha Help Desk or Village Pump here. Would appreciate help fro whoever is the Admin or Sysop here to correct this.

With due respect to your knowledge of Dzonkha, I am replying here. The script is already removed now. I have no sysop access here. I requested for adminship here to remove the script but no one responded. Tise does not work in all computers, it does not work in mine. This was what led me to start working on this thing in the very first place. Anyway, now the problem is fixed, I sure do hope that this wikipedia does well. Thank you.--Eukesh ༠༥:༣༩, ༢༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)
Hi Eukesh - actually the script is not yet removed. There is still the: Test - check box to write in Dzonkha (test phase); use Esc to switch at the top when I edit this page which I have to turn off with each edit.
Yes I know Tise is a Windows only input method and so does not work on all computers (even 64 bit Windows) - but there are alternative Wylie Translitteration input methods available and the Dzongkha keyboard layout has been implemented for Windows, Linux and Mac. I do appreciate that you were trying to be helpful - but an Indic input method is not easily adaptable to Tibetan script - the model used for encoding Tibetan in the Unicode Standard is quite different to that for e.g. Devanagri. Conjuncts are formed by using the subjoined consonants attached to base consonants - which don't exist in other Indic script encodings. Also I dont think that any template like this still in "Test" phase should be installed when it affects an entire Wiki; and no template that alters keyboard input like this should be ON by default and require the user to turn it OFF ~ it should be other way round.
CFynn ༠༨:༢༧, ༢༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

Can someone please help me find where the script is included from? I have commented out MediaWiki:Monobook.js, but it has had no effect?! Thanks Mike.lifeguard | @meta ༡༥:༣༤, ༢༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)


Dear CFynn, I have noticed you are one of the most active and devoted users here, so I would recommend you to become a sysop. There are no sysops here, so it would be a big help for this Wikipedia to have one. So much vandalism occurs, but pages created by vandals can only be deleted by stewards, but they almost never check it. Please think a bit about what I said. I would support your candidacy. --Viskonsas ༡༧:༠༢, ༣ སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

I can do this but, as I'm not always available, I'd suggest you add my Bhutanese colleague Tenraj as well. He is a native Dzongkha speaker and has good technical knowledge. I have already spoken to him about this and he is willing. CFynn (talk) ༠༦:༠༧, ༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)

Please help[ཞུན་དག།]

Hello, CFynn! Please help and put spaces between words on this page: Template:Banner. -- Impro (talk) ༡༠:༤༠, ༢༧ སྤྱི་ཟླ་དང་པ། ༢༠༡༨ (UTC)

There are normally no spaces between words in Dzongkha - only spaces between phrases. CFynn (talk) ༠༨:༣༠, ༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། ༢༠༡༨ (UTC)
if you do not carry the transfer to another line inside the phrase, an ugly main page is obtained. -- Impro (talk) ༡༤:༢༢, ༡༠ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། ༢༠༡༨ (UTC)
Putting spaces between words would only be a kludge - and would look wrong to any native Dzongkha or Tibetan reader, Perhaps the Media Wiki software does not implement Unicode word and line breaking recommendations for Tibetan script text very well ~ in which case that is probably what needs fixing. Also see: Formatting rules for Tibetan text. Requirements for Tibetan Text Layout and Typography (W3C). -- CFynn (talk) ༠༤:༢༥, ༡༥ སྤྱི་ཟླ་གསུམ་པ། ༢༠༡༨ (UTC)
"" ལས་ སླར་འདྲེན་འབད་ཡོདཔ།