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For other specific lists of common phrases, see Common phrases (disambiguation)

This is a list of common phrases in various languages, for a general overview of ten to fifteen basic phrases in all of the major world languages, and certain interesting minor ones.

Tourists to a foreign country often get along with a surprisingly short list of phrases, combined with pointing, miming, and writing down numbers on paper. This list is intended to serve as a comprehensive basic introduction to those languages.

Note: The language family of each language is listed in parentheses.


English (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

As a sample, here's English. Differences between British Received Pronunciation, and Standard American English are labelled accordingly:

Phrase Translation IPA
English English Template:IPA
hello hello UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
good-bye good-bye Template:IPA
please please UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
thank you thank you UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
that one that one Template:IPA
how much? how much? Template:IPA
yes yes Template:IPA
no no UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
sorry sorry UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
Canada Template:IPA
I don’t understand I don’t understand UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
I don't speak English I don't speak English UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
English English Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Do you speak English? UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? UK Where's the loo?
US Where's the bathroom?
UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA
generic toast Cheers! UK Template:IPA
US Template:IPA

Afrikaans (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Afrikaans Afrikaans Template:IPA
hello hallo Template:IPA
How are you? hoe gaan dit? Template:IPA
good day goeiedag Template:IPA
good morning goeiemôre Template:IPA
good-bye totsiens Template:IPA
please asseblief Template:IPA
thank you dankie Template:IPA
sorry jammer Template:IPA
that one daardie Template:IPA
how much? hoeveel Template:IPA
yes ja Template:IPA
no nee Template:IPA
I don’t understand ek verstaan nie Template:IPA
I don't speak Afrikaans ek kan nie Afrikaans praat nie
Where's the bathroom? waar is die toilet? Template:IPA
generic toast gesondheid! Template:IPA
English Engels Template:IPA

Albanian (Albanian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Sound
Albanian shqip Template:IPA (listen)
hello tungjatjeta (abbrev. tung) Template:IPA (listen)
good-bye mirupafshim Template:IPA (listen)
please ju lutem Template:IPA (listen)
thank you faleminderit Template:IPA (listen)
that one atë Template:IPA (listen)
how much? sa është? Template:IPA (listen)
English anglisht Template:IPA (listen)
yes po Template:IPA (listen)
no jo Template:IPA (listen)
sorry më fal Template:IPA (listen)
I don’t understand nuk kuptoj Template:IPA (listen)
where's the bathroom? ku është banjoja? Template:IPA (listen)
generic toast gëzuar Template:IPA (listen)
Do you speak English? flisni Anglisht? Template:IPA (listen)
Note: All the above sounds are in the Ogg Vorbis format.

Arabic (Semitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

See also: List of Islamic terms in Arabic Note that this is relevant only to Modern Standard Arabic and not to the colloquial forms of Arabic spoken in daily life, which vary from place to place. Also, some of the following expressions were written only to suit a male speaker.

Pronunciation guide: Stress in Arabic is most often on the penultimate syllable (i.e., the one preceding the last).

Translation Phrase IPA
Arabic العربيّة Template:IPA
hello/welcome مرحبًا Template:IPA
see you إلى اللقاء Template:IPA
goodbye مع السلامة Template:IPA
please من فضلك Template:IPA
thanks شكرًا Template:IPA
that one ذلك Template:IPA
How much/How many? كمْ؟ Template:IPA
English الإنجليزيّة Template:IPA (formal),
Template:IPA (colloquial)
yes نعم Template:IPA
no لا Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? أين الحمّام؟ Template:IPA
What is your name? ما اسمك؟ Template:IPA
I don’t know لا أعرف Template:IPA
I have no clue. لا أدري Template:IPA
I don’t understand لا أفهم Template:IPA
I don’t remember لا أتذكر Template:IPA
Welcome أهلاً وسهلاً بكم Template:IPA
I am sick أنا مريض Template:IPA
Hello السلام عليكم Template:IPA
Hello (response), how are you? وعليكم السلام! كيف الحال؟ Template:IPA
Fine, and you? بخير، الحمد لله. وكيف أنت؟ Template:IPA
Bye ودعا Template:IPA
Where is the airport? أين المطار؟ Template:IPA
Help! !النجدة Template:IPA
I am hungry. أنا جائع Template:IPA
I feel tired. أشعر بالتعب Template:IPA

Arapaho (Algonquian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase
Arapaho language hinóno'eitíít
hello héébee (man speaking), tous (woman speaking, or a man speaking to a woman)
good-bye heetce'noohobe3en
thank you hohóu
yes hee (man speaking), 'oo (woman speaking)
no hííko
How are you? Kooni'ííni?
Fine. Nii'ííni.
What's happening? Tóotousííni?
Nothing much. Hoowúúni.
What's your name? Hótousíhi'?
...that's my name. ...néé'eesíh'inoo.
I know/understand. Hee'ínowoo.
I don't know/understand. Neihoowóé'in.
Repeat it! Ce'ínihii!

Armenian (Armenian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration IPA (Eastern-Western)
Armenian Հայերեն Hayeren Template:IPA - Template:IPA
hello բարև barev Template:IPA - Template:IPA
goodbye ցտեսություն ct'esutyun Template:IPA - Template:IPA
please խնդրեմ (2) khndrem Template:IPA - Template:IPA
thank you շնորհակալ եմ shnorhak'al em Template:IPA - Template:IPA
that one այս մեկը ays mek@
how much? քանի՞ս kanis?
yes այո ayo
no ոչ voch
sorry ներողություն neroghutiun
I don't understand չեմ հասկանում chem haskanum
I don't speak Armenian Ես Հայերեն չեմ խոսում։ Yes Hayeren chem khosum.
English Անգլերեն Angleren
Do you speak English? Անգլերեն խոսու՞մ ես Angleren khosum es?
Where's the bathroom? Լվացարանը որտե՞ղ է lvatzaran@ vortegh e?
generic toast Կենացդ՜ K'enacd!

Avar (Northeast Caucasian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration IPA
Avar магIарул мацI Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Hello! ВорчIами! (to a man)
ЙорчIами! (to a woman)
РорчIами! (to several people)
Good afternoon! Салам гIалейкум! Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Good bye! Къо-мех лъикI! Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Good night! Сордо лъикI! Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Good morning! Радал лъикI! Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Welcome! ЛъикI щварав! (to a man)
ЛъикI щварай! (to a woman)
ЛъикI щварал! (to several people)
Sorry. ТIасалъугьа. Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Thank you. Баркала. Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Please... Бегьулеб батани... Template:Unicode Template:IPA
yes у Template:Unicode Template:IPA
no гьечIо
How are do? Щиб хIал бугеб? Template:Unicode Template:IPA
What's your name? Дуда цIар щиб? Template:Unicode Template:IPA
generic toast Сахлъиялда таги! Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Have a good trip! Нух битIаги! Template:Unicode Template:IPA

Azeri (Turkic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Azeri azəri, Azərbaycan dili Template:IPA, Template:IPA
Hello salam Template:IPA
Good-bye xudahafiz Template:IPA
Please lütfən Template:IPA
Thank you minnətdaram Template:IPA
You're welcome dəyməz Template:IPA
Sorry üzr istəyirəm Template:IPA
Excuse me bağışlayın Template:IPA
Yes bəli /formal/
No xeyr /formal/
yox /informal/
English ingilis Template:IPA
Do you speak English? (siz) ingiliscə danışırsınızmı? Template:IPA
I don't speak Azeri (mən) azəricə danışmıram Template:IPA
I don't understand (mən) başa düşmürəm Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom? ayaqyolu haradadır? Template:IPA
Welcome xoş gəlmisiniz Template:IPA
That one o Template:IPA
How much neçə, nə qədər Template:IPA, Template:IPA
I don't know (mən) bilmirəm Template:IPA
I love you (mən) səni sevirəm Template:IPA
generic toast sizin sağlığınıza! Template:IPA


Translation Phrase IPA
Basque Euskara Template:IPA
Hello kaixo Template:IPA
Good-bye agur Template:IPA
Please mesedez Template:IPA
Thank you eskerrik asko Template:IPA
That one hori Template:IPA
How much? zenbat Template:IPA
Yes bai Template:IPA
No ez Template:IPA
English Ingelesa Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Badakizu ingelesez? Template:IPA

Belarusian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation (IPA)
Belarusian Беларускі Template:IPA
hello прывітанне Template:IPA
good-bye да пабачэння Template:IPA
please калі ласка Template:IPA
thank you дзякуй Template:IPA
sorry выбачайце Template:IPA
that one той, тая, тое Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA
how much? колькі? Template:IPA
yes так Template:IPA
no не Template:IPA
I don’t understand Не разумею Template:IPA
where's the bathroom? дзе туалет? Template:IPA
generic toast за здароў'е Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Ці размаўляеце па-англійску? Template:IPA

Bengali (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

The transliteration of the following phrases into the Roman script is discussed in Bengali language.

Translation Bengali script IPA Romanization
Hello. (Muslims) Template:IPA
Assalamu alaikum.
Hello. (Hindus) Template:IPA Nômoshkar.
How are you?
(Tumi) kêmon achho?
(Apni) kêmon achhen?
(I'm) fine. Template:IPA (Ami) bhalo achhi.
How's it going? Template:IPA Ki khôbor?
That's okay/fine. Template:IPA Ţhik achhe.
Okay. Template:IPA Achchha.
Good-bye. (Muslims) Template:IPA Template:IPA Allah/khoda hafez.
Good-bye. (Hindus) Template:IPA Nômoshkar.
See you later. Template:IPA Pôre dêkha hôbe.
Talk to you later. Template:IPA Pôre kôtha hôbe.
See you again. Template:IPA Abar dêkha hôbe.
Please (before verbs)
Thank you. Template:IPA Dhonnobad.
I'm sorry. Template:IPA Ami khub-i dukkhito.
Forgive me.
Maph koro.
Maph korben.
English Template:IPA Ingreji
Bengali Template:IPA Bangla
Nice/good Template:IPA Bhalo
Bad Template:IPA
That one Template:IPA Oiţa
How much does this cost? Template:IPA Eiţar dam kôto?
How much does that cost? Template:IPA Oiţar dam kôto?
What is your name?
Tomar nam ki?
Apnar nam ki?
My name is ___. Template:IPA Amar nam ___.
I can’t understand. Template:IPA Ami bujhte parchhi na.
Can you help me?
Amake shahajjo korte parbe?
Amake shahajjo korte parben?
I don’t know. Template:IPA Ami jani na.
I don’t speak Bengali. Template:IPA Ami Bangla bolte pari na.
I don’t understand Bengali. Template:IPA Ami Bangla bujhi na.
Do you speak English?
Tumi kì Ingreji bolte paro?
Apni kì Ingreji bolte paren?
Could you repeat that?
Arekbar ekţu bolbe?
Arekbar ekţu bolben?
Ji na.
What? Template:IPA Ki?
How? Template:IPA Kêmne?

Bosnian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Bosnian Bosanski (Bos-aHn-skee)
hello zdravo
good-bye doviđenja (Doh-vidge-eH-Nya)
please molim (moh-lIm)
Thank You hvala (Hh-vaa-laa)
sorry oprostite (Oh-prost-it-eh)
that one to', taj (t-oh)/(t-eye)
how much koliko? (Kol-ihk-oh)
yes da (daah)
no ne (Neh)
I don’t understand ne razumijem (Neh raaz-uhm-ihy-yehm)
Where is the bathroom gdje je toalet? (g-dee-yeh yeh veh-ceh)
generic toast na zdravlje (to our health)
English engleski (ehn-glesk-eeh)
Do you speak English govorite li engleski? (goh-voh-rih-te ehn-gleh-skee)

Breton (Celtic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Breton: Brezhoneg Template:IPA
hello: salud Template:IPA
good-bye: kenavo Template:IPA
please: mar plij Template:IPA
thank you: trugarez Template:IPA
sorry: digarez Template:IPA
that one: hennezh Template:IPA
how much?: pegement Template:IPA
yes: ya Template:IPA
no: nann Template:IPA
I don’t understand: Ne gomprenan ket Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom?: Pelec'h emañ ar sal dour ? Template:IPA
generic toast: yec'hed mat ! Template:IPA
Do you speak English?: Kaozeal a rit saozneg? Template:IPA

Bulgarian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration IPA Remarks
hello здравей zdravey Template:IPA
hello здрасти zdrasti Template:IPA informal
good morning Добро утро dobro utro Template:IPA
good day Добър ден dobŭr den Template:IPA
good evening Добър вечер dobŭr vecher Template:IPA
good night Лека нощ leka nosht Template:IPA
goodbye Довиждане dovizhdane Template:IPA
how are you? Как си? kak si Template:IPA informal
I’m fine Добре съм dobre sŭm Template:IPA
Where is the toilet? Къде е тоалетната? kŭde e toaletnata Template:IPA
all the best Всичко най-хубаво vsich-ko nay khu-bavo Template:IPA
regards Поздрави pozdravi Template:IPA
thank you Благодаря blagodarya Template:IPA
happy birthday Честит рожден ден! chestit rozhden den Template:IPA
Bulgarian language Български език bŭlgarski ezik Template:IPA
yes да da Template:IPA
no не ne Template:IPA
of course разбира се razbira se Template:IPA
Please, enter! Влезте, моля! vlezte molya Template:IPA formal (2nd p. plural)
Enter! Влез! vlez Template:IPA informal (2nd p. singular)

Catalan (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Literal meaning
Catalan: català, valencià Template:IPA
hello: hola Template:IPA
good-bye: adéu Template:IPA (go) to God
please: si us plau, sisplau Template:IPA if it pleases
thank you: gràcies; mercès Template:IPA
sorry: perdó Template:IPA Pardon
that one: aquest (m.); aquesta (f.) Template:IPA
how much?: quant val; quant és Template:IPA what value; how much is (it worth)
yes: Template:IPA
no: no Template:IPA
I don’t understand: No ho entenc Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom?: On és el bany?; on és el lavabo? Template:IPA
generic toast: Salut! Template:IPA health
Do you speak English?: Que parleu anglès? (formal), Que parles anglès? (informal) Parles anglés? (valencian) Template:IPA
Do you speak Catalan?: Que parleu català? (formal), Que parles català? (informal) Parles valencià? (valencian) Template:IPA

Chinese languages[ཞུན་དག།]

Chinese, Cantonese (Sinitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Note: Cantonese is a tonal language. Pronunciations provided below include numbers indicating tone. Tone 1 is high and level/falling; 2 is medium and rising; 3 is medium and level; 4 is low and falling; 5 is low and rising, 6 is low and level. For more info, see Standard Cantonese. The characters shown are Traditional Chinese characters. Pronunciation is given using Jyutping and IPA. However, non-use of the tones will not hinder comprehension for such simple phrases.

Translation Phrase Jyutping IPA
Cantonese: 廣東話 gwong2 dung1 waa2 Template:IPA
hello 你好 nei5 hou2 Template:IPA
good-bye 再見 zoi3 gin3 Template:IPA
bye-bye 拜拜 baai1 baai3 Template:IPA
please 唔該 m4 goi1 Template:IPA
thank you (for gifts) 多謝 do1 ze3 Template:IPA
thank you (for services rendered) 唔該 m4 goi1 Template:IPA
sorry 對唔住 deoi3 m4 zyu6 Template:IPA
this one 呢個 ni1 go3 or nei1 go3 Template:IPA or Template:IPA
that one 嗰個 go2 go3 Template:IPA
how much/many? (ask for quantity) 有幾多呀 yau5 gei2 do1 aa3 Template:IPA
how much? (ask for amount of money) 幾多錢呀 gei2 do1 cin2 aa3 Template:IPA
yes hai6 Template:IPA
no 唔係 m4 hai6 Template:IPA
correct/right am1 Template:IPA
incorrect/wrong 唔啱 m4 am1 Template:IPA
I don’t understand 我唔明白 ngo5 m4 ming4 baak6 Template:IPA
Where's the washroom (toilet, lavatory)? 洗手間喺邊度呀? sai2 sau2 gaan1 hai2 bin1 dou6 aa3 Template:IPA
Do you speak English? 你識唔識講英文呀? nei5 sik1 m4 sik1 gong2 jing1 man2 aa3 Template:IPA

Note: Cantonese, like most of the other Chinese languages, does not actually have words for “yes” and “no”. Translations for “yes” and “no” given above actually mean “it is” and “it is not” and can be used for questions asking for confirmation. However, for certain yes/no questions, one would normally respond with the verb or the negation of the verb. For instance, to respond to a question such as “do you want to go?” one would respond with “want” or “not want”.

Chinese, Mandarin (Sinitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Note || Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. Tone 1 (e.g. mā) is high and level; 2 (e.g., má) is rising; 3 (e.g., mǎ) is low dipping; 4 (e.g., mà) is falling. For more info, see pinyin. Also note that the first set of characters preceding the slashes are in simplified Chinese characters and the ones following the slashes are in traditional characters. If the simplified- and traditional-character versions of a phrase are identical, only one phrase is shown.

Translation Phrase Pinyin IPA Remarks Literal meaning
Mandarin Chinese 国语 / 國語or
普通话 / 普通話
National language
Common speech
hello 你好 (ní hǎo) Template:IPA You're good
good-bye 再见 / 再見 (zàijiàn) Template:IPA Meet again, lit “to the next sighting”
please 请 / 請 (qǐng) Template:IPA
thank you 谢谢 / 謝謝 (xièxie) Template:IPA
that one 那个 / 那個 (nèige) Template:IPA See Usage Note 1
sorry 对不起 / 對不起 (duì bù qǐ) )
how much? 多少 (duōshǎo) Template:IPA Many few
English 英文 (Yīngwén) Template:IPA
yes (shì) Template:IPA See Usage Note 2 [It] is
no () Template:IPA
where's the toilet? 厕所在哪里 / 廁所在哪裏 (cèsuǒ zài nálǐ?) Template:IPA Not the politest, but you'll get your point across! Bathroom at/in where
generic toast 干杯 / 乾杯 (gān bēi) Template:IPA Dry glass/cup
  1. The second syllable of “nèige” is actually a generic measure word; it is replaced by the appropriate measure word for the noun it refers to. You may therefore hear a number of different syllables after the initial nèi. In many parts of southern China, nèi is also pronounced nà.
  2. This actually means “it is” and can only be used in an answer to a question with the verb “to be” (in casual speech, this can be neglected). Languages like Chinese, Irish, Toki Pona, and Welsh do not have words for “yes” or “no”. Instead you repeat the main verb of the question in your answer. Shaking your head in affirmation or negation works as expected, though speakers should ensure they are answering negative questions as literally asked – answering in the negative to “You don’t like him?” would indicate that you do like him.

Chinese, Shanghainese (Sinitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Note: Chinese characters for Shanghainese are not standardized and are provided for reference only. IPA transcription is for the Middle period of modern Shanghainese (中派上海话), pronunciation of those between 20 and 60 years old.

translation Northern Wu Lumazi IPA Simplified Chinese
Shanghainese (language): Zanheghaewo Zanheireiwo Template:IPA 上海咸话
Shanghainese (people): Zanhegnin Zanheinin Template:IPA 上海人
I ghoo, gnou wo, ngu Template:IPA, Template:IPA
we or I álá aelae Template:IPA 阿拉
he/she ji yi Template:IPA
they jila yila Template:IPA 伊拉
you (sing.) non non Template:IPA
you (plural) na na Template:IPA 人那
hello: non ho non ho Template:IPA 侬好
good-bye: tsewe tzeiwei Template:IPA 再会
thank you: ziaja non zhaya non Template:IPA 谢谢侬
sorry: tevéchi teivechi Template:IPA 对勿起
but, however: daezu, daezu ne deizi, deizi nei Template:IPA, Template:IPA 但是, 但是呢
please: tshin chin Template:IPA
that one: etsá, itsá eitzae, itzae Template:IPA, Template:IPA 哎只, 伊只
there: etá, itá eitae, itae Template:IPA, Template:IPA 哎耷, 伊耷
over there: emitá, imitá eimitae, imitae Template:IPA, Template:IPA 哎米耷, 伊米耷
here: gétá getae Template:IPA 搿耷
to have jeuté youte Template:IPA 有得
to exist, here, present: láhe laehei Template:IPA 辣海
now, current: jieze yizei Template:IPA 现在
what time is it?: jieze citie tson? yizei citi tzon? Template:IPA 现在几点钟?
where: ghalitá, sadifan ralitae, sadifan Template:IPA, Template:IPA 何里耷, 啥地方
what: sa sa Template:IPA
who: sagnin sanin Template:IPA 啥人
why: wesa weisa Template:IPA 为啥
when: sazencuan sazenkuan Template:IPA 啥辰光
how: nanen, nana, nanenca nanen, nana, nanenka Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA 哪能, 哪哪, 哪能家
how much?: cidie a? cidi a? Template:IPA 几钿啊?
yes: eh ei Template:IPA
no: m, vézu, mmé, vio m, vezi, mme, vio Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA 呒、勿是、呒没
telephone number: diewo ghodeu diwo rodou Template:IPA 电话号头
home: ólihian oelishan Template:IPA 屋里向
Come to our house and play. to álá ólihian le bésian. to aelae oelishan lei beshan. Template:IPA 到阿拉屋里向来孛相(白相)!
Where's the restroom?: daseucae lélá ghalitá? dasoukei lelae ralitae? Template:IPA 汏手间勒勒何里耷?
Have you eaten dinner?: javae chícoulé va? yavei chiekule va? Template:IPA 夜饭吃过了伐?
I don’t know: ghoo véhioté. wo veshote. Template:IPA 我勿晓得
Do you speak English?: non Inven weté can va? non Inven weite kan va? Template:IPA 侬英文会得讲伐?
I love you: ghoo e non! wo ei non. Template:IPA 我爱侬!
I adore you: ghoo emó non. wo eimoe non. Template:IPA 我爱慕侬
I like you a lot: ghoo lo huoehi non ghé! wo lo hueushi non re. Template:IPA 我老欢喜侬个!
news sinven shinven Template:IPA 新闻
dead sithélé shithele Template:IPA 死脱了
alive wéláhe welaehei Template:IPA 活辣海

Unlike Mandarin, Shanghainese actually has the direct “yes” (eh/ei) similar to English.

Chinese, Min Nan / Taiwanese (Sinitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

The Han characters provided below are for reference only. They are not necessarily standard.

Translation Characters Romanization Remarks
Min Nan 閩南語 Bân-lâm-gú
Taiwanese 臺灣話 Tâi-oân-oē
Hokkien 福建話 Hok-kiàn-oē
Hello. 食飽未? Chia̍h pá boeh? (literally, Eaten full yet? Note: This greeting came about at a time when most of Taiwan was in poverty, so to say that one has had enough to eat would be to imply that the person is “doing well”.)
Goodbye. 平安 Pêng-an. (literally, Peace, can also be used as a greeting; primarily Christian usage.)
Please 拜託 Pài-thok
Thank you 勞力 Ló·-la̍t 感謝 (Kám-siā) (literally, "be grateful for, praise") or 感恩 (Kám-ún) is more common in Taiwan.
That one 彼個 Hit-ê
how much? 若濟? goā choē?
not 唔是 m̄-sī (literally, "not is")
Sorry 失禮 Sit-le
Embarrassed! 歹勢! Pháiⁿ-sè! (often used in response when offered/given something by a host)
I don't understand. 我聽無. Goá thiaⁿ bô. (literally, "I hear not")
Where's the bathroom? 便所佇叨? Piān-só· tī toh? (literally "bathroom is where?")
Cheers! 呼乾啦! Hō· ta lah! (literally, Let it [the cup/glass] be dry [empty]!)
Do you speak English? 你咁講英語? Lí kám kóng Eng-gú?

Cook Islands Maori (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Cook Islands Maori Māori Kūki 'Āirani
hello kia orāna, kia ora ana (litt "may you live")
good-bye/good luck kia manuia
good-bye 'aere rā
see you ka kite
thank you (very much)/I'm (very) fine meitaki (ma'ata)
How are you ? Pē'ea koe ?
Welcome all ! Turou tātou !

Croatian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Croatian hrvatski
hello bog (more often: bok)
good day dobar dan
good-bye doviđenja
please molim (lit. I beg)
thank you hvala
you're welcome molim (polite), Nema na čemu
excuse me ispričavam se (lit. I excuse myself)
sorry oprosti, oprostite (polite)
that one onaj, taj
how much koliko?
yes da
no ne
generic toast uzdravlje! (lit. to your health), živjeli! (lit. live)
I don’t understand ne razumijem
My name is... Ime mi je or more often Zovem se... (lit. I'm calling myself...)
Where is the bathroom Gdje je zahod?
English engleski
Do you speak English Govorite li engleski?
What? Što?, Molim? (polite)
OK u redu (lit. in order)
I don't know ne znam

Czech (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Remarks
Czech Česky Template:IPA
Czech Republic Česká republika Template:IPA
hello dobrý den Template:IPA Literal translation: Good day
good-bye na shledanou Template:IPA Literal translation: Until we see each other again
please prosím Template:IPA Literal translation: I beg
thank you děkuji vám Template:IPA
that one tamten Template:IPA
how much? kolik Template:IPA
English anglicky Template:IPA
yes ano Template:IPA Sometimes shortened to Template:IPA (!)
no ne Template:IPA
sorry promiňte Template:IPA Literal translation: Forgive
generic toast Na zdraví Template:IPA Literal translation: To health
I don’t understand Nerozumím Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? Kde je toaleta? Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Mluvíte anglicky? Template:IPA
I don’t speak Czech Nemluvím česky Template:IPA
Do you speak Czech? Mluvíte česky? Template:IPA
Where can I find a restaurant? Kde najdu restauraci? Template:IPA
Where is the nearest hospital? Kde je nejbližší nemocnice? Template:IPA

Danish (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation Remarks
Danish dansk Template:Audio
hello hej Template:Audio
good-bye farvel Template:Audio
please 1 (Be understood. A matter of course, if not Template:Audio)
thank you tak Template:Audio
that one denne her Template:Audio
how much? hvor meget? Template:Audio
English engelsk Template:Audio
yes ja Template:Audio
no nej Template:Audio
may I take your (sg) picture? Må jeg tage et billede af dig? Template:Audio
may I take your (pl) picture? Må jeg tage et billede af jer? Template:Audio
where is the bathroom? Hvor er toilettet? Template:Audio IPA: Template:IPA
where do you come from? Hvor kommer du fra? Template:Audio
do you speak English? Taler du engelsk? Template:Audio
generic toast skål Template:Audio
I don’t understand Jeg forstår ikke
sorry Undskyld Template:Audio
excuse me Undskyld mig Template:Audio
  1. No word directly corresponds to the word “please”. Danish and Finnish express the concept of politeness in a request in various ways. One way is to smile while asking for something, another is to add tak (thank you) to the end of the question: “kan jeg få noget mere at drikke, tak”, although this is more of an anglicised form of Danish.

Dutch (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Dutch Nederlands Template:IPA
hello hallo Template:IPA
Good morning goedemorgen Template:IPA
Good afternoon goedemiddag Template:IPA
Good evening goedenavond Template:IPA
good-bye tot ziens Template:IPA
please alstublieft Template:IPA
thank you dank u wel Template:IPA
I'm sorry het spijt me
I don’t understand ik begrijp het niet Template:IPA
that one die Template:IPA
how much? hoeveel? Template:IPA
English Engels Template:IPA
do you speak English? spreek je Engels? Template:IPA
yes ja Template:IPA
no nee Template:IPA
I don’t know ik weet het niet Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom? waar is het toilet?
I don't feel well ik voel me niet lekker
That's okay dat is goed
generic toast proost Template:IPA
It's raining cats and dogs Het regent pijpestelen

Old English (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Comments
English Englisc Template:IPA
hello wes hāl
wesaþ hāl
to one person
to more than one
good-bye God þē mid sīe Template:IPA Literal: God be with you
please iċ bidde Template:IPA or understood; see usage note.
thank you iċ þancie þē Template:IPA
that one geon Template:IPA
how much? hū fela? Template:IPA
yes gēse Template:IPA
no Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom? Hwǣr is þæt gangsetl? Template:IPA
where do you come from? Hwanon cymst þu? (?) Template:IPA
do you speak English? Spricst þu Englisce? Template:IPA
I don’t understand Iċ ne understande Template:IPA
  1. No word directly corresponds to the word “please”. Old English expressed the concept of politeness in a request in various ways.

Esperanto (international auxiliary language)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Literal meaning
hello saluton Template:IPA (I give you) a greeting
good-bye ĝis revido Template:IPA until an again-seeing
please bonvolu Template:IPA be well willing
thank you dankon Template:IPA (I give you) thanks
you are welcome nedankinde Template:IPA not-worth-thanking-ly
that one tiu Template:IPA
how much? kiom Template:IPA
English angla Template:IPA
yes jes Template:IPA
no ne Template:IPA
I am sorry mi bedaŭras I regret
I do not understand mi ne komprenas Template:IPA
Where is the toilet? kie estas la necesejo? Template:IPA where is the necessity-place?
generic toast Je via sano Template:IPA to your health
Do you speak English? Ĉu vi parolas la anglan? Template:IPA do you speak the English (language)?
Excuse me, I do not speak Esperanto well Pardonu min, mi ne bone parolas Esperanton Template:IPA
I do not know Mi ne scias Template:IPA

Estonian (Finno-Ugric)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Comments
Estonian eesti keel Template:IPA
hello tere Template:IPA
good-bye head aega Template:IPA literally "(have a) good time"
please palun Template:IPA literally "I beg"
thank you aitäh

(a more formal expression, it literally means “I thank (you)”.)
you're welcome palun
pole tänu väärt
võta heaks

literally "not worthy of a thanks"
this see Template:IPA
that one too
how much? kui palju? Template:IPA
English inglise keel Template:IPA
yes jah Template:IPA
no ei Template:IPA
sorry vabandage
I don’t understand Ma ei saa aru Template:IPA
generic toast terviseks Template:IPA literally "to/for health"
Do you speak English? Kas te räägite inglise keelt? Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom/toilet? Kus on tualett/WC? Template:IPA
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Häid jõule ja õnnelikku uut aastat! Template:IPA

Finnish (Finno-Ugric)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Sound
Finnish suomi Template:IPA (listen)
hello hyvää päivää Template:IPA (listen)
päivää Template:IPA (listen)
good-bye näkemiin Template:IPA (listen)
please ole hyvä Template:IPA (listen)
kiitos Template:IPA (listen)
thank you kiitos Template:IPA (listen)
that one tuo Template:IPA (listen)
how much? kuinka paljon Template:IPA (listen)
English englanti Template:IPA (listen)
yes kyllä Template:IPA (listen)
joo (informal) Template:IPA (listen)
no ei Template:IPA (listen)
sorry anteeksi Template:IPA (listen)
I don’t understand en ymmärrä Template:IPA (listen)
where is the toilet? missä on vessa? Template:IPA (listen)
generic toast kippis Template:IPA (listen)
Do you speak English? puhutteko englantia? Template:IPA (listen)
I don’t speak Finnish. en puhu suomea Template:IPA (listen)
I don’t know en tiedä Template:IPA (listen)

French (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Literal meaning
French français Template:IPA
hello bonjour Template:IPA good day
good-bye au revoir Template:IPA to the seeing-again
please s'il vous plaît Template:IPA if it pleases you
thank you merci Template:IPA
you're welcome je vous en prie
de rien
I beg you of it
(It's) nothing
that one cela Template:IPA
this one ceci Template:IPA
how much? combien Template:IPA
English anglais Template:IPA
yes oui Template:IPA
no non Template:IPA
sorry pardon
I don’t understand Je ne comprends pas Template:IPA
where's the toilet? Où sont les toilettes ? Template:IPA Where are the toilets?
generic toast Santé !
Tchin ! (familiar)
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais ? Template:IPA
Excuse me, I don’t speak French very well. Pardonnez-moi, mais je ne parle pas très bien français Template:IPA Pardon me, but I do not speak very well French.

Frisian (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

The translations provided following W: are in West Frisian, those following N: are in North Frisian (Mooring dialect).

Translation Phrase IPA
Frisian W: Frysk
N: Friisk
hello W: a goeie
N: moin
good-bye W: oant sjen
N: adjiis
please W: asjeblyft
N: weesegødj
thank you W: tige tank
N: foole tunk
that one W: dy
N: di
how much? W: hoefolle?
N: hüfoole?
English W: Ingelsk
N: Aingelsch
yes W: ja
N: joo
no W: nee
N: nåån
where's the bathroom? W: ʍêr is hjir it húske?
N: ʍeer as heer et hüüschen?
generic toast W: tsjoch
N: sünhäid
Do you speak English? W: Kinne jo Ingelsk?
N: Koost dü Aingelsch?
I don’t understand W: Ik begryp it net
N: Ik begrip et ai
Sorry W: Pardon
N: Fertrüt me

Friulian (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Friulian furlan
hello mandi
good-bye a riviodisi
please par plasê
thank you graziis
that one chel (masculine)
chê (feminine)
how much? trop?
English inglês
yes Template:IPA
no no Template:IPA
sorry scuse
I don’t understand no ai capît
no capissi
I don’t speak Friulian jo no feveli il furlan
where's the bathroom? Dulà isal il bagn?
generic toast vive

Galician (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Galician: Galego
hello: Ola
good-bye: adeus
please: prégolle, por favor
thank you: graciñas; grazas
sorry: síntoo
that one: aquel (m.); aquela (f.)
how much?: ¿Canto custa?; ¿Canto é?
yes: si Template:IPA
no: non
I don’t understand: Non o entendo
Where's the bathroom?: ¿Onde está/queda o baño?; ¿Onde está/queda o lavado?
generic toast: ¡Saúde!
Do you speak English?: ¿Fala vostede inglés? (formal), ¿Falas inglés? (informal)
Do you speak Galician?: ¿Fala vostede galego? (formal), ¿Falas galego? (informal)

Georgian (Caucasian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Transliteration Literal meaning
Georgian ქართული Template:IPA Kartuli
Hello! გამარჯობა! Template:IPA Gamarjoba! “victory”
How are you? როგორა ხარ? Template:IPA Rogora khar?
Good, you? კარგად, შენ? Template:IPA K'argad, shen?
Excuse me! ბოდიში! Template:IPA Bodishi!
Please თუ შეიძლება Template:IPA Tu Sheidzleba “if possible”
Welcome კეთილი იყოს თქვენი მობრძანება! Template:IPA Ke'tili iq'os tkveni mobrdzaneba!
Thank you გმადლობთ! Template:IPA Gmadlobt
You are welcome არაფრის Template:IPA Arapris “for nothing”
English ინგლისური Template:IPA Inglisuri
Do you speak English? ინგლისური იცით? Template:IPA Inglisuri itsit?
I don’t speak Georgian ქართული არ ვიცი Template:IPA Kartuli ar vitsi
Yes დიახ Template:IPA Diakh
No არა Template:IPA Ara
Georgia საქართველო Template:IPA Sakartvelo

German (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Sound
German Deutsch Template:IPA (listen)
hello Hallo Template:IPA (listen)
good-bye auf Wiedersehen Template:IPA (listen)
please bitte Template:IPA (listen)
you’re welcome bitte schön Template:IPA
thank you danke Template:IPA (listen)
that one das da Template:IPA (listen)
how much? wie viel? Template:IPA (listen)
English Englisch Template:IPA (listen)
yes ja Template:IPA (listen)
no nein Template:IPA (listen)
I need help Ich brauche Hilfe Template:IPA
excuse me Entschuldigen Sie Template:IPA
pardon me verzeihen Sie Template:IPA
I am sick ich bin krank Template:IPA
where’s the bathroom? Wo ist die Toilette? Template:IPA (listen)
generic toast prosit
Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch? Template:IPA (listen)
I don’t speak German Ich spreche kein Deutsch Template:IPA
I don’t understand Ich verstehe nicht. Template:IPA (listen)
Sorry Entschuldigung Template:IPA (listen)
I don’t know Ich weiß nicht Template:IPA
Happy birthday Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Template:IPA

Greek (Greek)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Greek ελληνικά Template:IPA
hello γειά σας (formal/plural)
γειά σου (informal/singular)
please παρακαλώ Template:IPA
thank you ευχαριστώ Template:IPA
that one εκείνο Template:IPA
how much? πόσο κάνει; Template:IPA
English αγγλικά Template:IPA
yes ναι Template:IPA
no όχι Template:IPA
sorry συγ(γ)νώμη Template:IPA
I don’t understand δεν καταλαβαίνω Template:IPA
where's the bathroom? πού είναι οι τουαλέτες; Template:IPA
generic toast γειά μας Template:IPA
Do you speak English? μιλάτε αγγλικά; Template:IPA

Gujarati (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase (pronunciation)
Gujarati Gujarati
hello Kem chho (lit. How are you?)
good-bye Aavjo (lit. Come again)
yes haa
no naa
How much money? Ketla paisa?
Where is your restroom? Tamaru bathroom kya che?
Where are you? Tame kya cho?
I would like to drink some water Mane' pani piwu che
I am thirsty Mane' taras lagi che
I am hungry Mane' bhookh lagi che
What is your name? Tamaru naam su che?
My name is _____. Maru naam _____ che.

Haitian Creole (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase
Haitian Ayisyen
hello bonjou
good-bye orevwa
please souple, tanpri
thank you mèsi
yes wi
no non
how much? Konbyen?
Where is the restroom (toilet, lavatory, WC)? Kote twalèt la?
where are you? Kote e la

Hawaiian (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Hawaiian Template:Unicode Template:IPA
hello Template:Unicode Template:IPA
good-bye Template:Unicode Template:IPA
please Template:Unicode Template:IPA
thank you Template:Unicode Template:IPA
yes Template:Unicode Template:IPA
no Template:Unicode Template:IPA
how much? Template:Unicode Template:IPA
Where is the restroom? Template:Unicode Template:IPA
generic toast Template:Unicode Template:IPA

Hebrew (Semitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration IPA
Hebrew עברית ivrit Template:IPA
hello/peace שלום shalom Template:IPA
good-bye להתראות lehitra’ot Template:IPA
nice to meet you נעים מאוד na’im me’od Template:IPA
please/you're welcome בבקשה bevakasha Template:IPA
thank you תודה toda Template:IPA
thank you very much תודה רבה toda raba Template:IPA
excuse me/sorry סליחה slicha Template:IPA
that one את זה et zeh Template:IPA
how much? ?כמה kama Template:IPA
how much does it cost? ?כמה זה עולה kama zeh oleh?' Template:IPA
English אנגלית anglit Template:IPA
yes כן ken Template:IPA
no/not לא lo Template:IPA
generic toast (literally, “to life”) לחיים le-chaim Template:IPA
good morning בוקר טוב boker tov Template:IPA
good evening ערב טוב erev tov Template:IPA
good night לילה טוב layla tov Template:IPA
what's happening? ?מה קורה ma koreh? Template:IPA
what's happened? ?מה קרה ma karah? Template:IPA
one moment! !רגע rega! Template:IPA
what's up? ?מה נשמע ma nishma? Template:IPA
what's up?/what's interesting? ?מה העניינים ma ha-inyanim? Template:IPA
good טוב tov Template:IPA
where is the restroom? איפה השירותים?‏ eifo ha-shirutim? Template:IPA
I don’t understand. (masculine form) .אני לא מבין ani lo mevin Template:IPA
I don’t understand. (feminine form) .אני לא מבינה ani lo mevina Template:IPA
bon appetit בתיאבון bete'avon Template:IPA
Do you speak English? (masculine form) ?אתה מדבר אנגלית atah medaber anglit? Template:IPA
Do you speak English? (feminine form) ?את מדברת אנגלית at medaberet anglit?' Template:IPA

Hindi (Indo-Aryan)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration
Hindi हिन्दी hindī
hello/goodbye (Informal) नमस्ते namaste
hello/goodbye (Formal) नमस्कार namaskār
please कृपया kripaya
thank you धन्यवाद/आभार dhanyavād/ābhār
thank you very much बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद bahut bahut dhanyavād
you're welcome (don’t mention it) कोई बात नहीं koī bāt nahīn
excuse me, sorry, please forgive me माफ़ कीजिये māf kījiye
excuse me (lit. please listen) ज़रा सुनिये zarā suniye
yes जी हाँ jī hān
no/not जी नहीं jī nahīn
good!/awesome!/oh.../really?!/well! अच्छा! acchā!
(all-purpose adj./interj.)
How are you? आप कैसे/कैसी हैं? āp kaise/kaisī hain?
(male/female respondent)
OK! ठीक है! thīk hai
one minute! (“just a sec”; interj.) एक मिनट ek minat
I don’t understand मैं नहीं समझा/समझी main nahīn samjhā/samjhī
I don’t know मैं नहीं जानता/जानती हूँ main nahīn jāntā/jāntī hun
English अंग्रेज़ी angrezī
what is your name? आप का नाम क्या है? āp kā nām kyā hai?
my name is ... मेरा नाम ... है mera nām ... hai
It was nice to meet you आप से मिलकर बहुत ख़ुशी हुई āp se milkar bahut khuśī huī
It was nice to meet you too (lit. to me also) मुझे भी mujhe bhī
How much does this cost? इसका दाम क्या है? iskā dām kyā hai?
Do you speak English? क्या आप अंग्रेज़ी बोलते/बोलती है? kya āp angrezī bolte/boltī hain?

Hungarian (Finno-Ugric)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Remarks
Hungarian magyar Template:IPA
hello Jó napot kívánok Template:IPA literally "I wish you a good day"
szia Template:IPA common amongst friends (does not derive from the English “Seeya”)
good-bye viszontlátásra Template:IPA literally "to see you again"
please legyen szíves Template:IPA literally “Be hearty”
thank you köszönöm Template:IPA
that one az Template:IPA
how much? mennyi? Template:IPA
I’d like... kérek... Template:IPA
yes igen Template:IPA
no nem Template:IPA
sorry bocsánat Template:IPA
I don’t understand nem értem Template:IPA
I don’t remember nem emlékszem
where's the bathroom? Hol van a mosdó? Template:IPA
generic toast egészségedre Template:IPA literally “to your health”
Do you speak English? Beszél angolul? Template:IPA

Icelandic (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Icelandic íslenska Template:IPA
hello góðan dag(inn) Template:IPA
good-bye bless
please gjörðu svo vel Template:IPA
thank you takk (fyrir)/þakka þér fyrir Template:IPATemplate:IPA
you're welcome verði þér að góðu Template:IPA
that one þetta Template:IPA
how much? hversu mikið Template:IPA
English enska Template:IPA
yes Template:IPA
no nei Template:IPA
generic toast skál! Template:IPA
I love you ég elska þig Template:IPA
where is this? hvar er þetta? Template:IPA
I don't speak Icelandic ég tala ekki íslensku Template:IPA
car bíll Template:IPA
I need a lift/ride mig vantar far Template:IPA
I'm lost ég er villtur(male)/villt(female) Template:IPA
I need help ég þarf hjálp Template:IPA
airport flugvöllur Template:IPA
happy birthday til hamingju með afmælið Template:IPA
where's the bathroom? hvar er salernið? Template:IPA
My name is___ ég heiti___ Template:IPA

Indonesian (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Indonesian bahasa Indonesia Template:IPA
hello halo (casual and on telephone) Template:IPA
welcome selamat datang Template:IPA
good morning selamat pagi Template:IPA
good afternoon selamat siang (from 12 o'clock in the afternoon) Template:IPA
good evening selamat sore (from 3 p.m.) Template:IPA
good night selamat malam (from 6 p.m.) Template:IPA
good-bye dadah (usual, informal) Template:IPA
good-bye selamat tinggal (said by person leaving) Template:IPA
good-bye selamat jalan (said by person staying) Template:IPA|
please tolong Template:IPA
thank you terima kasih Template:IPA
you're welcome terima kasih kembali Template:IPA
this one ini Template:IPA
that one itu Template:IPA
How much? Berapa? Template:IPA
yes ya Template:IPA
no tidak Template:IPA
generic toast selamat minum Template:IPA
Sorry maaf Template:IPA
I don't understand. Saya tidak mengerti. Template:IPA
I don't know. Saya tidak tahu. Template:IPA
English bahasa Inggris Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Bisa bahasa Inggris? Template:IPA
I cannot speak Indonesian. Saya tidak bisa berbicara bahasa Indonesia. Template:IPA
I want to go to... Saya mau pergi ke... Template:IPA
Where is the restroom? Di mana toilet? Template:IPA
Happy birthday! Selamat ulang tahun! Template:IPA

Irish (Celtic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Irish Gaeilge Template:IPA
hello Dia duit
welcome fáilte Template:IPA
among i measc
good-bye slán Template:IPA
please le do thoil Template:IPA
thank you go raibh maith agat Template:IPA
sorry tá brón orm
that one an ceann sin
how much? cé mhéad Template:IPA
English Béarla Template:IPA |
yes Sea
as an answer to 'Is it that?' Otherwise the correct verb form is necessary. Example: “An bhfuil tú tí Mháirtín?” (Are you at Martin's house?), would be replied to by “Tá” Template:IPA. If the conjugation of the verb is unknown, 'Sea' will be understood.
no Ní hea
as an answer to 'Is it that?' . Otherwise the correct verb form is necessary. Example: “An bhfuil tú ag tí Mháirtín?” (Are you at Martin's house?), would be replied to by “Níl” (Am not) Template:IPA. If the conjugation of the verb is unknown, 'Ní hea' will be understood.
I don’t understand ní thuigim Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? cá bhfuil an leithreas?
generic toast sláinte Template:IPA

Italian (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Audio
Italian italiano Template:IPA (listen)
hello ciao Template:IPA (listen)
good-bye arrivederci Template:IPA (listen)
please per favore Template:IPA (listen)
thank you grazie Template:IPA (listen)
that one quello (masculine) Template:IPA (listen)
quella (feminine) Template:IPA (listen)
how much? quanto Template:IPA (listen)
English inglese Template:IPA (listen)
yes Template:IPA (listen)
no no Template:IPA (listen)
sorry scusa Template:IPA (listen)
scusi Template:IPA (polite) (listen)
I don’t understand non capisco Template:IPA (listen)
where's the bathroom? dov'è il bagno? Template:IPA (listen)
generic toast salute Template:IPA (listen)
cincin Template:IPA (listen)
Do you speak English? Parla inglese? (formal) Template:IPA (listen)


Translation Kanji or Kana Rōmaji IPA
Japanese (language) 日本語 nihongo Template:IPA
Good afternoon! こんにちは kon'nichi wa Template:IPA
Good evening! こんばんは konban wa Template:IPA
Good morning! おはようございます ohayō gozaimas (casually shortened to ohayō) Template:IPA, Template:IPA
Hello? (on the telephone) もしもし moshimoshi Template:IPA
Good bye! (farewell) さようなら sayōnara Template:IPA
Good bye! (I’ll be back.) 行って来ます ittekimas Template:IPA
Good bye! (Come back soon.) 行ってらっしゃい itterasshai Template:IPA
See you later またね mata ne Template:IPA
Please give me [...] / Please do [...] ...下さい kudasai Template:IPA
Please. (Go ahead. / Be my guest.) どうぞ dōzo Template:IPA
Please [...] (request) お願いします onegai shimas (often shortened to "onegai") Template:IPA
Thank you. ありがとう arigatō Template:IPA
Excuse me. すみません sumimasen Template:IPA
I’m sorry. (formal) ごめんなさい gomen nasai Template:IPA
Sorry. (informal) ごめん gomen Template:IPA
That one. (near you) それ sore Template:IPA
That one. (over there') あれ are Template:IPA
How much? (price) いくらですか ikura des ka Template:IPA
English (language) 英語 eigo Template:IPA
Do you speak English? 英語が話せますか eigo ga hanasemas ka Template:IPA
Yes. はい hai Template:IPA
No. いいえ iie Template:IPA
Bon appétit! (corresponds to the humble form of “I receive” in Japanese) いただきます itadakimas Template:IPA
Thank you for the meal. ごちそうさまでした gochisōsama deshita Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? トイレはどこですか toire wa doko des ka? Template:IPA
Cheers! (toast) 乾杯 kanpai Template:IPA
foreigner 外国人 gaikokujin (often shortened to gaijin) Template:IPA

Kannada (Dravidian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase ITRANS transliteration Pronunciation Literal meaning
Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ kannaDa (kanna Dah (‘D’ is with retroflex))
Hello ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ namaskAra (namas kārā) Salutations
Hello (informal) ಏನು ಸಮಾಚಾರ Enu samAchAra (eh nu sa maah chaah rah) What's up?
Good bye (when leaving) ಹೋಗಿ ಬರುತ್ತೇನೆ hOgi baruttEne (hoe gee barut tey ney ('T' is retroflex)) see you later
Good bye (when being left) ಹೋಗಿ ಬನ್ನಿ hOgi banni (hoe gee bun knee ('T' is retroflex) see you later
How are you? ನೀವು ಹೇಗಿದ್ದೀರ? nIvu hEgiddIra? (nee voo hey gay id dee rah)
What is your name? ನಿನ್ನ ಹೆಸರೇನು? ninna hesarEnu? (ni nna he sa rE nu?)
Please ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು dayaviTTu (da yah viTTu ('T' is retroflex)) With mercy
Thank you ಧನ್ಯವಾದ dhanyavAda (dhan yah vaada Many thanks
Sorry, Excuse Me, Forgive Me ಕ್ಷಮಿಸಿ kshamisi (ksha mi si sorry
That one ಅದು adu (ah du)
How much? ಎಷ್ಟು? eshTu? (esh Tu ('T' is retroflex)
English ಆಂಗ್ಲ aangla (ahng lah)
Yes ಹೌದು houdu (how doo)
No ಇಲ್ಲ illa (ill ah)


Translation Phrase IPA Pronunciation Remarks
Khmer ខ្មែរ khmer
hello សួស្ដី soursdey
good-bye លាហើយ lea hey
sorry សូមទោស som tos
no problem គ្មានបញ្ហា kmean panh-ha
happy new year សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មី soursdey chnamm tmei
I love Khmer ខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់ខ្មែរ knhom sro-lanh khmer
Thank you អរគុណ Or kun
How much ថ្លៃប៉ុន្មាន Tlai punman
yes បាទ
no ទេ teh
I don’t understand ខ្ញុំមិនយល់ទេ kngom men yol teh
where's the toilet? តើបន្ទប់ទឹកនៅទីណា? ter bantub tek nov ti na?
Do you speak English? តើអ្នកនិយាយ អង់គ្លេស ទេ? ter nak niyay Anglais teh?


Note: Hangul Revised Romanization of Korean See also: Names of Korea

Translation Phrase RR IPA Remarks
Korean 한국어 hangugeo Template:IPA

informal; for friends or someone younger

안녕히 계세요
안녕히 가세요
annyeonghi gyeseyo
annyeonghi gaseyo
formal; when leaving (person addressed to is staying)
formal; when person addressed to is leaving
informal; for friends or someone younger
please may I have 주세요 juseyo Template:IPA to be used after the object; e.g., 김밥 주세요. (Kimbap juseyo. = Sushi roll, please.)
thank you 고맙습니다 gomapseumnida Template:IPA
thanks 고마워 gomawo Template:IPA informal; to friends or someone younger
that one 저것 jeogeot Template:IPA
how much? 얼마예요? eolmayeyo Template:IPA




sorry 미안합니다 mianhamnida Template:IPA
I don’t understand


where's the toilet? 화장실이 어디예요? hwajangsiri eodiyeyo Template:IPA
generic toast

Do you speak English? 영어 할 줄 아세요? yeongeo hal jul aseyo Template:IPA

Kriol (Belizean) Creole, English based, Atlantic, Western[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Kriol:
  • My name is... I naym... (or) Mee naym...
  • What is your name? Weh yu naym?
  • What's up? Hello (informal) Weh di go aan?
  • Good morning. Good maanin.
  • How are you? Wassup wid yu?
  • Fine, thank you. I Aarait mein.
  • How much does this cost? Humoch dis kaas?
  • What time is it? Weh taim now?
  • I’ve had a wonderful time. I mi have wahn good taim.
  • It doesn’t matter. Ih noh mata.
  • Is that so? Fu chroo?
  • good-bye: “Lata”
  • please: “”
  • thank you: “”
  • that one: “Da one deh”
  • yes: “yeah”
  • no: “”
  • I don’t know: “Me nuh know”
  • Sorry: “”
  • I don’t understand: “I nuh understand”
  • See you tomorrow: “We wah link up tomorrow”
  • What is it?: “Weh dis”
  • Where am I?: “Weh I deh”

Kurdish (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Kurdish Kurdî (Kur-di)
good morning beyanî baş (ba-ya-nî-bash)
good day Roj Baş (rozh-bash)
good-bye serçawan (sar-cha-wan)
welcome be xêr hatî (ba-xer-ha-ti)
please tikaye (t-ka-ya)
thank you spas (spas)
sorry bibûre (b-bu-ra)
that one howe, (ho-wa)
how much? çende (chan-da)
yes belê (ba-le)
no na (na)
I don’t understand tê nagem (te-na-gam)
where's the bathroom? awdes le kwêye? (aw-das-la-kue-ya)
Do you speak English? Tu inglîsî dezanî? (tu-in-gli-si-da-za-ni)

Lao (Tai-Kadai)[ཞུན་དག།]

Lao language: Pasa Lao
Laos: (common) Pathet Lao (lit., Land of Lao)
Laos: (informal) Muang Lao (lit. City of Lao)
Hello: Sabaidee
How are you?: Bpen jung Dai?
How old are you?: Juk bpee laew? (informal, lit. how many years?)

Latin (Italic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Pronunciations are first given in the Ecclesiastical Pronunciation (Based on Italian, and used in some ceremonies by the Catholic church, and usually heard in recordings of classical music). These pronunciations are followed by the classical pronunciation (a reconstruction of how scholars believe the Romans pronounced these expressions)

For example — “of light” lucis: Template:IPA is the ecclesiastical pronunciation while Template:IPA is how the ancient Romans said lucis .

Translation Latin IPA (Ecclesastical) IPA (Classical)
Latin lingua Latina Template:IPA Template:IPA
hello ave! Template:IPA Template:IPA
goodbye vale! Template:IPA Template:IPA
please si placet Template:IPA Template:IPA
thank you gratias tibi ago Template:IPA Template:IPA
that one ille/ illa/ illud Template:IPA Template:IPA
how much? quot? Template:IPA Template:IPA
yes certe, ita vero Template:IPA Template:IPA
no non, nullo modo Template:IPA Template:IPA
sorry ignosce mihi Template:IPA Template:IPA
I don't understand non comprehendo Template:IPA Template:IPA
where's the bathroom? ubi sunt latrinae? Template:IPA Template:IPA
generic toast salutem! Template:IPA Template:IPA
Do you speak English? loquerisne anglice? Template:IPA Template:IPA

Latvian (Baltic)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Latvian: Latviešu
  • Hello (informal): Sveiki!
  • Hello (formal): Sveicināti!
  • Good day (formal): Labdien!
  • Good evening: Labvakar!
  • Good morning: Labrīt!
  • Goodbye: Uz redzēšanos!
  • Glad to meet you: Prieks iepazīties!
  • Please: Lūdzu!
  • Thank you: Paldies!
  • Yes:
  • No:
  • Sorry: Atvainojiet!
  • I don’t understand: Es nesaprotu
  • General toast: Priekā!
  • How are you? (formal): Kā jums klājas?
  • How are you? (informal): Kā tev iet?
  • Where's the bathroom?: Kur ir tualete?
  • Do you speak English? (formal): Vai Jūs runājat angliski?
  • Do you speak English? (informal): Vai tu runā angliski?
  • I love you: Es tevi mīlu
  • See you tomorrow: Tiksimies rīt!
  • What is it?: Kas tas ir?
  • Where am I?: Kur es esmu?
  • Where is the closest train station?: Kur atrodas tuvākā vilciena stacija?
  • What time is it?: Cik ir pulkstenis?
  • Happy Birthday: Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā!
  • Happy New Year: Laimīgu jauno gadu!

Lithuanian (Baltic)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Lithuanian: Lietuviškai
  • hello: labas
  • goodbye: sudie!
  • please: prašau
  • thank you: ačiū
  • that one: tas(masculine), ta (feminine)
  • how much?: kiek?
  • yes: taip
  • no: ne
  • sorry: atsiprašau
  • what?: ką?
  • I don’t understand: nesuprantu
  • Cheers! (toast): į sveikatą!
  • Do you speak English?: kalbi angliškai? (informal); ar kalbate angliškai? (formal)
  • I love you: Aš tave myliu
  • Where is (the center) ? Kur yra (centras)?
  • You are a good friend. Tu - geras draugas.

Low German (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Remarks
Low German Plattdüütsch Template:IPA Literally: Flat Saxon
Platt Template:IPA Literally: Flat
Nedderdüütsch Template:IPA Literally: Low German
Neddersassisch Template:IPA Literally: Low Saxon
English Ingelsch Template:IPA
Hello! Moin! Template:IPA Shortened from Moi(e)n Dag! = 'Pleasant day!'
Good-bye! Adschüüß! Template:IPA From French Adieu!
Tschüüß! Template:IPA Introduced into German as Tschüß!
Please Wees so good Template:IPA Literally: Be so good
Thank you! Velen Dank! Template:IPA Literally: Much thank
(Wees) bedankt! Template:IPA Literally: (Be) thanked
You are welcome Nich daarför Template:IPA Literally: Not for that
that one dat daar Template:IPA
How much? Wo veel? Template:IPA
yes ja, jo Template:IPA
no nee Template:IPA
Sorry! Nix för ungood Template:IPA Literally: Nothing for un-good (No offence)
Deit mi leed Template:IPA Literally: Causes me regret
I don’t understand Ik verstah nich Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? Woneem is hier de Tante Meyer? Template:IPA Literally: Where is the Auntie Myer here?
generic toast Proost! Template:IPA
“Nich lang snacken! Kopp in'n Nacken! Template:IPA Literally: No long talking! Head back!
Do you speak English? Snackst ingelsch? Template:IPA

Macedonian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration
Macedonian македонски makedonski
hello здраво zdravo
how are you? како си? kako si?
good day добар ден dobar den
good morning добро утро dobro utro
goodbye пријатно prijatno
please молам molam
thank you благодарам blagodaram
sorry извини izvini
that one тоа toa
how much? колку? kolku?
yes да da
no не ne
I don’t understand не разбирам ne razbiram
Where is the toilet? каде е тоалетот? kade e toaletot?
generic toast на здравје! na zdravje!
Do you speak English? Зборувате ли англиски? Zboruvate li angliski?
English англиски angliski

Maltese (Semitic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Maltese Language Il-lingwa maltija Template:IPA
how are you? kif inti?
hello merħba Template:IPA
good day bonġu Template:IPA
bye 'ċaw saħħa Template:IPA
please jekk jogħġbok Template:IPA
thank you grazzi Template:IPA
that one dak Template:IPA
how much? kemm? Template:IPA
yes iva Template:IPA
no le Template:IPA
sorry jiddispjaċini Template:IPA
I don’t understand ma nifhimx Template:IPA
where is the toilet? fejn hi l-latrina? Template:IPA
generic toast saħħa! Template:IPA
do you speak English titkellem bl-ingliż? Template:IPA

Malay (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Malay language bahasa Melayu Template:IPA
good morning selamat pagi Template:IPA
good afternoon selamat petang Template:IPA
good evening selamat malam Template:IPA
goodbye selamat tinggal (person leaving)
selamat jalan (person staying)
please tolong (also translates as "Help" depending on the context of the sentence Template:IPA
thank you terima kasih Template:IPA
you’re welcome sama-sama Template:IPA
that one itu Template:IPA
how much? berapa Template:IPA
English language Bahasa Inggeris Template:IPA
yes ya Template:IPA
no tidak Template:IPA
excuse me, sorry maaf Template:IPA
I don’t understand saya tidak faham Template:IPA
Can you speak English? Bolehkah kamu berbahasa Inggeris? Template:IPA
Where is the toilet? Di manakah tandas? Template:IPA

Maori (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Maori Māori Template:IPA
hello tēnā koe (to one person)
tēnā kōrua (to two people)
tēnā koutou
good-bye e noho rā (to those who are staying)
haere rā (to those who are leaving)
please koa Template:IPA
thank you kia ora(literally “be well”) Template:IPA
how much? pēhea? Template:IPA
yes ae Template:IPA
no kaore Template:IPA

Malayalam (Dravidian languages)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase ISO 15919 Transliteration IPA Remarks
Malayalam മലയാളം malayāḷam Template:IPA
hello നമസ്കാരം namaskāram Template:IPA This is a much more formal word than in English and there is no actual direct translation of the word "hello".
good-bye പോയിട്ടു വരട്ടെ pōyiṭṭu varaṭṭe Template:IPA
please ദയവായി dayavāyi Template:IPA This is slightly more formal than in English and not used as often.
thank you നന്ദി nandi Template:IPA It is written as if it were pronounced Template:IPA (which is how it is pronounced when referring to the bull of Shiva)
How much is that? അതിന്റെ വില എന്താണു atiṉṯe vila entāṇu Template:IPA
yes അതെ / ശരി ate / śari Template:IPA / Template:IPA അതെ is used to say something is true, but ശരി is used when one is agreeing that one will do something.
no ഇല്ല / അല്ല illa / alla Template:IPA / Template:IPA Use ഇല്ല when talking about an action, the presence of someone/something and also used to say someone/something does not have something) and അല്ല when talking about the nature of someone/something.
sorry ക്ഷമിക്കണം / പൊറുക്കണം kṣamikkaṇam / poṟukkaṇam Template:IPA / Template:IPA These words both mean "forgive" in the imperative mood ("me" is implied and is not normally used in this context), and can be made more polite by saying "please" first.
English ഇംഗ്ളീഷ് iṅgḷīṣ Template:IPA
I don't understand എനിക്കു് മനസിലാകുന്നില്ല enikkŭ manasilākunnilla Template:IPA
Do you speak English? താങ്കള്ക് ഇംഗ്ളീഷ് അറിയാമൊ tāṅkaḷkk iṅgḷīṣ aṟiyāmo Template:IPA
I don't speak Malayalam എനിക്കു മലയാളം അറിയത്തില്ല enikku malayāḷam aṟiyattilla Template:IPA
Where's the bathroom? കുളിമുറി എവിടെയാണു kuḷimuṟi eviṭeyāṇu Template:IPA This is literally asking for the location of a room where one can bathe. If you mean the toilet, it would be best to use the English word followed by എവിടെയാണു (eviṭeyāṇu).

Mandinka(Mande) (Congo-Niger)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • How are you: I be nyaadi
  • See you later: N be nyoo jee la
  • please: Dukare
  • thank you: Abaraka
  • that one: Woo
  • this one: Nying
  • how much?: Jelum?
  • Do you speak English: I ye English kang moy le
  • yes: Haa/Haaday
  • no: Haani

Marathi (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Marathi मराठी Marāṭhī
hello नमस्कार namaskār
good-bye अच्छा achhā
please कृपया kripayā
thank you आभार ābhār, dhanyawād
how much? किती? kitī?
yes हो ho, hoya
no नाही nāhī
forgive me maaf karā
Where is _____? _____ kuthe āhe?
English इंग्रजी iṅgrajī

Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Nahuatl: Nawatlahtoli
  • hello: niltse
  • good-bye: nimitsittas
  • thank you: tlasohkamati
  • that one: inon
  • yes: kema (ordinary), kemakatsin (reverential)
  • no: ahmo (ordinary), ahmotsin (reverential)
  • English: Inglestlahtoli
  • Do you speak [English]?: Nitetlahtoa [Inglestlahtoli]?
  • What is your name?: Tlen mo tokatsin?

Nepal Bhasa (Tibeto-Burman)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Pronunciation Pronunciation
hello ज्वजलपा Template:IPA jwajalapaa
Whats up? छु दु? Template:IPA chhu du?
yes ख: Template:IPA kha
no मखु Template:IPA makhu
I do not understand जिं मथु Template:IPA jin mathu
I do not know Nepal Bhasa जित नेपाल भाय मव Template:IPA jita nepaala bhaaya mawa
Do you know Nepal Bhasa? छित नेपाल भाय व:? Template:IPA chhita nepaala bhaaya wa?
Happy New Year न्हुगु दंया भिन्तुना Template:IPA nhugu dan yaa bhintunaa
Where is the bathroom? चबी गन दु थें? Template:IPA chabee gana du then?
Thank you सुभाय् Template:IPA subhaay
Welcome लसकुस Template:IPA lasakusa
Help ग्वाली Template:IPA gwaalee
Good Morning भीं सुथ Template:IPA bheen sutha
Good Night भीं बहनी Template:IPA bheen bahanee

Nigerian Pidgin English (English-based pidgin)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Nigerian pidgin:  
  • hello: How now
  • good-bye: A go dey see yu now
  • please: A beg
  • thank you: Thank yu
  • that one:  
  • how much?:  
  • English: Oyinbo
  • yes: Yes
  • no: No
  • generic toast:  
  • What: wetin
  • Where is the toilet? : Na where toilet de?
  • He/She has left: He don kummot
  • Do you know...?: Yu sabe...?

Norwegian (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]


Translation Phrase IPA
Norwegian norsk Template:IPA (norsk)
Hello hallo Template:IPA
Hi hei Template:IPA
Good-bye farvel (formal and slightly old-fashioned)
Ha det bra (a bit less formal)
ha det (informal
Please vær så snill Template:IPA
Thank you takk Template:IPA (tak)
That one den or det Template:IPA Template:IPA
How much? hvor mye? Template:IPA
English engelsk Template:IPA
Yes ja Template:IPA (yah)
No nei Template:IPA (nay)
Can I take your picture? kan jeg ta bilde av deg? Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom? hvor er toalettet? Template:IPA
Where do you come from? hvor kommer du fra? Template:IPA
Do you speak English? snakker du engelsk? Template:IPA
Generic toast skål Template:IPA
Where can I find a restaurant? hvor kan jeg finne en restaurant? Template:IPA
Where is the nearest hospital? hvor er det nærmeste sykehuset? Template:IPA


Translation Phrase IPA
Norwegian norsk Template:IPA
Hello hallo Template:IPA
Hi hei Template:IPA
Good-bye Ha det bra (formal)
ha det (informal)
Please ver så snill Template:IPA
Thank you takk Template:IPA
That one han/ho/den /den/ or det Template:IPA
How much? kor mykje? Template:IPA
English engelsk Template:IPA or Template:IPA
Yes jau or ja Template:IPA
No nei Template:IPA
Can I take your picture? kan eg ta bilete av deg? Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom? kor/kvar er toalettet? Template:IPA
Where do you come from? kor/kvar kjem du frå? Template:IPA
Do you speak English? talar du engelsk? Template:IPA
Generic toast skål Template:IPA
Where can I find a restaurant? kor/kvar kan eg finne ein restaurant? Template:IPA
Where is the nearest hospital? kor/kvar er det nærmaste sjukehuset? Template:IPA

O'odham (Uto-Aztecan)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
O'odham O'odham ñiok Template:IPA
English Milga:n ñiok Template:IPA ('Milga:n' is O'odham for 'American')
hello Template:Unicodeap kaic Template:IPA (lit. what did you say?)
good-bye Do va ep em ñei Template:IPA
that one hegai Template:IPA
yes ha'u Template:IPA
no pi'a Template:IPA

Okinawan (Japonic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
English inciriguci ?
hello haisai (women can also say haitai) ?
good-bye cu: wuganabira ?
please unige: sabira (things), -kwimi so:re: (actions) ?
thank you iqpe: nihwe: de:biru ?
I’m sorry gubiri: sabira (being impolite), waqsaibi:ndo: (accidents, mistakes) ?
how much? caqsa nato:ibi:ga ?
what's this? kure: nu:ndi bi:ga ?
yes wu: ?
no wu: wu: ?
I don’t understand wakayabiran ?
Where's the bathroom? hwu:ruya ma: yaibi:ga ?
generic toast kari: ?
Do you speak English? inciriguciya naibi:miga ?

Pennsylvania German, Pennsylvania Deutsch (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

(dialects may vary)

  • Pennsylvania Deutsch: Pennsilfaani(sch)-Deitsch
  • hello: hiya
  • good-bye: bis schpeeder (bis shpayder) Until later
  • please: please
  • thank you: danka schane (dan-key shay-n)
  • that one: da do (da daw)
  • how much: Wie viel (wee feel)
  • English: Englisch
  • yes: Ya
  • no: nee (nay)
  • Can I take your picture?: Kann ich dei Pikder nemme? (can ich (Germanic 'ch' sounds like the H in huge) dye pic-der nay-me)
  • Where is the washroom?: Wu is die Baadschtupp?
  • Sorry I don’t understand you.: Sorry, Ich verschteh dich net.

Persian (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

English Persian
in orthography
in Romanization
in IPA
Hello! !ﺴﻼﻢ Salâm [sæˈlɒm]
Good-bye! !خداحافظ
Khodâ hâfez
[xoˈdɒ hɒˈfez]
See you tomorrow. .تا فردا Tâ fardâ. [tɒ færˈdɒ]
Thank you. .متشكرم Motashakkeram. [motæʃækːeˈɾæm]
please لطفاً lotfan [lotˈfæn]
Good morning! !صبح بخير Sobh bekheyr! [sobh beˈxejɾ]
Good afternoon! !روز بخير Ruz bekheyr! [ɾuz beˈxejɾ]
Good evening! !شب بخير Shab bekheyr! [ʃæb beˈxejɾ]
yes بله
bale (formal)
âre (informal)
no نه na [næ]
How are you? حالت چطوره؟
حال شما چطور است؟
Hâlet che-toure? (informal)
Hâle shomâ che-tour ast? (formal)
[hɒˈlet ʧetou̯ˈɾe]
[hɒˈle ʃoˈmɒ ʧeˈtou̯ɾ æst]
how much چقدر
How much does it cost? قيمتاش چند است؟ Ghimatash chand ast? [ɢimæˈtæʃ ʧænd æst]
this one اين in [in]
that one آن ân [ɒn]
What is this? اين چى است؟ In chi ast? [in ʧi æst]
I don't understand. .ﻧﻤﻔﻬﻤﺪﻢ Nemifahmedam. [nemifæhmeˈdæm]
I don't understand Persian. .فارسی ﻧﻤﻔﻬﻤﺪﻢ Fârsi nemifahmedam. [fɒɾˈsi nemifæhmeˈdæm]
I don't speak English. Engelisi harf nemizanam. [ˌengeliˈsi hæɾf nemizænæm]
Do you speak English? Engelisi harf mizanid? [ˌengeliˈsi hæɾf mizænid]
Where is the bathroom? Twalet kojâst?
Hamam kojâst?
[tvɒˈlet koˈʤɒs]
I'm sick. Marizam.
Please repeat that for me. Lotfan tekrar konid. [lotˈfæn tekˈɾɒɾ koˈnid]
What does ___ mean in Persian? Be-Fârsi ___ yani che? [befɒrˈsi ___ jæni tʃe]
What does ___ mean in English? Be-Engelisi ___ yani che? [be ˌengeliˈsi ___ jæni tʃe]
good khub [xub]
bad bad [bæd]
Please enter. Befar moid tu.
Bon appetit! Nusheh jân! [nuˈʃe ʤɒn]

Polish (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Pronunciation Remarks
Polish language język polski,
['jɛ̃zik 'pɔlski]
hello cześć ['ʧɛɕtɕ] listen informal, used both for greeting and good-bye, lit. “honour”
good morning, good afternoon dzień dobry ['dʑɛɲ ,dɔbri] listen lit. “good day”
good-bye do widzenia [dɔvi'ʣɛɲa] listen lit. “until seeing”
good night dobranoc [dɔ'branɔʦ] listen
please proszę ['prɔʃɛ̃] listen
you're welcome proszę bardzo [ˌprɔʃɛ̃'barʣɔ] listen
don’t mention it nie ma za co [ˌɲɛma'zaʦɔ] listen lit. “(there's) nothing for it”
thank you dziękuję [dʑɛ̃'kujɛ̃] listen
this one m: ten
f: ta
n: to
that one m: tamten
f: tamta
n: tamto
how much? ile? ['ilɛ] listen
English language język angielski ['jɛ̃zik aŋ'gɛ´lski]
yes tak [tak] listen
no nie [ɲɛ] listen
I don’t understand Nie rozumiem [ɲɛrɔ'zumiɛm] listen
where's the bathroom? Gdzie jest łazienka? [ˌgdʑɛjɛst wa'ʑeŋka] listen
generic toast: Na zdrowie! [na zdrɔv'ɛ] listen lit. “to health”
do you speak English? Czy mówi Pan po angielsku?
Czy mówi Pani po angielsku?
Czy mówisz po angielsku?
i'muvipan poaŋ'gɛ´lsku]
i'muvipani poaŋ'gɛ´lsku]
i'muviʃ poaŋ'gɛ´lsku]
Pan — sir, Mr.; Pani — Mrs.; the third form is both impersonal and informal
what is it? Co to jest? [ʦɔtɔ'jɛst] listen
Welcome to Poland! Witamy w Polsce! [vi'tami 'fpɔlsʦɛ] listen
I love you Kocham cię ['kɔxamtɕɛ̃]

Portuguese (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

translation phrase IPA
Portuguese Português PT. /purtu'geʃ/
BR. /portu'gejs/
hello Olá (PT.)
Oi (BR.)
/oi/ (?)
good-bye Adeus, até mais ?
please: Por favor PT. /puɾ fɐ'voɾ/
BR. /poɾ fa'vo:/
excuse me com licença / ?
thank you obrigado (male speaker); PT. /obɾi'gaðu/
BR. /obɾi'gado/
obrigada (female speaker) PT. /obɾi'gaðɐ/
BR. /obɾi'gada/
you're welcome Seja bem-vindo ?
sorry desculpe (formal) ?
desculpa (informal) ?
help ajuda ?
how much does it cost? Quanto custa? ?
Yes: Sim /sĩ/
No: Não /nãw̃/
I didn’t understand (Eu) não entendi ?
Where’s the bathroom? Brazil: Onde fica o banheiro? [õdʒi fika u baɲɛjɾu]
Portugal, others: Onde fica a casa de banho [õdɨ fikɐ a caza dɨ baɲu]
Generic toast Saúde PT. Template:IPA
BR. Template:IPA
English inglês ?
Do you speak English? BR. Você fala inglês?

PT. Você fala inglês? (formal) Falas inglês? (informal)

I don't speak Portuguese! Eu não falo português! ?
Happy birthday! Feliz aniversário! ?
Happy new year! Feliz ano novo! ?
I need help! Eu preciso de ajuda! ?
Excuse me, I don't speak Portuguese very well. Desculpe-me, eu não falo português muito bem. ?
Could I use the phone? Eu poderia usar o telefone? ?

Romanian (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

English Romanian IPA pronunciation
Romanian (language) (limba) română Template:IPA
Hello! Bună ziua! Template:IPA
Good bye! La revedere! Template:IPA
Please. Vă rog Template:IPA
Thank you. Mulţumesc Template:IPA
How much? Cât? Template:IPA
English (limba) engleză Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Vorbiţi engleza Template:IPA
Yes. Da. Template:IPA
No. Nu. Template:IPA
I don’t understand. Nu înţeleg. Template:IPA
Cheers! Noroc! Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom? Unde e toaleta? Template:IPA

Russian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transcription Literal translation
Russian русский Template:IPA (listen)
hello здравствуйте Template:IPA (listen) be healthy (imperative 2nd person singular/plural polite)
good-bye до свидания Template:IPA (listen) until seeing
please пожалуйста Template:IPA (listen)
thank you спасибо Template:IPA (listen)
that one тот Template:IPA (listen)
how much? сколько? Template:IPA (listen)
English английский Template:IPA (listen)
yes да Template:IPA (listen)
no нет Template:IPA (listen) “there isn’t” (short for не есть)
sorry извините Template:IPA
I don’t understand я не понимаю Template:IPA
generic toast за здоровье Template:IPA (listen) for health
Do you speak English? Вы говорите по-английски? Template:IPA (listen)
where’s the bathroom? где здесь туалет? Template:IPA where here (is) (the) toilet?
I love you я тебя люблю Template:IPA

Sanskrit (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase transliteration Literal meaning
Sanskrit संस्कृतम् Template:IPA
Hello नमो नमः, नमस्कारः Template:IPA Salutations
Good-bye पुनर्दर्शनाय Template:IPA To meet again
Please कृपया Template:IPA With mercy
Thank you अनुगृहितोऽस्मि (for men)
अनुगृहितास्मि (for women)
Template:IPA I am blessed
That one अयमेव Template:IPA
How much? कियत् Template:IPA
English आंग्लभाषा Template:IPA
Yes आम् , एवम् Template:IPA
No न , नास्ति , नैवम् Template:IPA No, Does not exist, Not that
Generic toast शुभमस्तु Template:IPA Let good happen

Sardinian (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Sardinian sardu Template:IPA
hello bona die Template:IPA
good-bye adiosu Template:IPA
bye-bye a nois bider Template:IPA
please pro pragher Template:IPA
thank you gràtzias Template:IPA
that one cussu Template:IPA
how much? cantu Template:IPA
English Ingresu Template:IPA
yes eia Template:IPA
no no Template:IPA
sorry mi dispraghidu Template:IPA
I don’t understand Non cumprenno Template:IPA
I don’t speak Sardinian Non faeddo su sardu Template:IPA
where’s the bathroom? Template:IPA
hello, and generic toast saludos Template:IPA

Scots (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Scots survives in a number of dialects. The North east Central (Fife) pronunciation is marked NeC, North East Scots (Doric) is marked as NE. C and S for central and southern pronunciations. The unmarked pronunciations are generally used in most areas.

Translation Phrase IPA
Scots Scots Template:IPA
hello awricht
NE: whit like
good-bye see ye Template:IPA
thank you ta Template:IPA
that one that ane C and S Template:IPA
NeC Template:IPA
NE Template:IPA
no nae Template:IPA NE: Template:IPA
yes ay Template:IPA
sorry sairy Template:IPA
I don’t understand a dinna unnerstaund Template:IPA
where’s the bathroom? whaur’s the cludgie?
NE: whaur’s the chantie
generic toast cheers! Template:IPA
do you speak English? ðae ye speak English? Template:IPA NE {{IPA|Template:IPA

Scottish Gaelic (Celtic)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Gaelic: Gàidhlig (GAH-lick)
  • welcome: fàilte (FAL-tyuh)
  • good-bye: mar sin leibh (mar SHIN laif)
  • please: mas e do thoil e (mah SHEH daw HOL eh)
  • thank you: tapadh leibh (TAH-pah ley)
  • sorry: tha mi duilich (hah mee DOO-leekh)
  • that one: am fear sin (am fer SHIN)
  • how much?: cia mheud (kah VIUT)
  • English: Beurla (BYER-luh)
  • yes: 2tha (hah)
  • no: 3chan eil (chan YIL)
  • I don’t understand: chan eil mi a' tuigsinn (khan YIL mee uh TOOK-shin)
  • Where’s the bathroom?: càit a bheil an taigh beag? (KATCH-uh vil an TUH-eeh bik)
  • generic toast: slàinte (SLAN-tyuh)

Serbian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Ekavian Speech

  • Serbian: srpski /srp-skee/ (srpskee)
  • hello: ćao and zdravo /zdrA-vO/ (z like in zebra) Literal translation: healthy
  • good morning: добро јутро dobro jutro
  • good afternoon: добар дан dobar dan
  • good evening: добро вече dobro veče
  • good-bye: довиђења doviđenja /dOvidʲɛnʲɑ/ Literal translation: until we see again
  • please: молим molim /mO-lim/ (moleam)
  • thank you: хвала hvala /hvA-la/ Literal translation: praise (to you)
  • that one: то to (not as English to)
  • how much?: колико? koliko? /ko-lɛ-ko/ (coleeco, co-, -co => cup)
  • English: енглески engleski /ɛn-glɛ-ski/ (-skee)
  • yes: да da /dA/
  • no: не ne /nɛ/
  • generic toast: живели! živeli! /ʒi-vɛ-li/ (zhiveli) Literal translation: live!
  • sorry: извините izvinite /ezveeneete/ (formal)
  • I don’t understand: не разумем ne razumem /na rAzUmem/
  • Where is [the bathroom (toilet)]?: Где је тоалет? Gde je toalet? /gdɛ jɛ toAlEt/
  • Do you speak English?: Да ли говорите енглески? Da li govorite engleski?

Sicilian (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

English Sicilian
No No
Thank you Grazzî
Please Pi fauri
What is your name? Comu ti chiami?
What time is it? Chi ura sunnu?
I don’t know Nun lu sacciu
Goodbye Nni videmu

Slovak (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

NOTE: adjectives are in masculine singular nominative, if there are two ways of saying something (formal/informal), the formal one is used. Stress is always on the first syllable of the word.

Translation Phrase IPA
Slovak slovenský (adjective)
po slovensky (noun)
hello dobrý deň Template:IPA Literal translation good day
good-bye dovidenia Template:IPA
please prosím (Vás) Template:IPA
thank you ďakujem Template:IPA
that one tamten Template:IPA
how much? koľko Template:IPA
English anglický (adjective)
po anglicky (noun)
yes áno Template:IPA
no nie Template:IPA
generic toast Na zdravie Template:IPA
sorry Prepáčte Template:IPA
I don’t understand Nerozumiem Template:IPA
Where is [the bathroom (toilet)]? Kde je [záchod]? Template:IPA
Do you speak [English]? Hovoríte [po anglicky]? Template:IPA

Slovene (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Slovene slovensko Template:IPA
hello zdravo (literally "healthy")
good-bye nasvidenje (also na svidenje) Template:IPA
please prosim Template:IPA
thank you hvala Template:IPA
that one tisti Template:IPA
how much? koliko? Template:IPA
English angleško Template:IPA
yes da
ja (informal)
no ne Template:IPA
generic toast na zdravje (literally "to our health") Template:IPA

Spanish (Romance)[ཞུན་དག།]

NOTE: For words ending in a vowel or the letters n or s, stress is on the penultimate (next to last) syllable. Words ending in other consonants, especially verbs, are stressed on the last syllable. Exceptions require a written accent. The th Template:IPA pronunciation is typical of European Spanish as spoken in most of Spain, and is replaced by the s pronunciation in Latin America and some regions of Spain, such as the Canary Islands.

Translation Phrase IPA Pronunciation Remarks
Spanish castellano

let's go vámonos Template:IPA
hello hola Template:IPA listen
good morning buenos días Template:IPA listen lit. good days
goodbye adiós Template:IPA listen from a Dios to God
see you (soon) hasta luego Template:IPA listen lit. until (we see) later
please por favor Template:IPA listen lit. by favour
thank you gracias Template:IPA
you’re welcome
don’t mention it
de nada Template:IPA listen lit. (it was) of nothing
sorry perdón Template:IPA listen lit. (I beg your) pardon
pardon me perdóneme Template:IPA
I’m sorry lo siento Template:IPA listen lit. I feel (bad) for it
forgive me discúlpame
disculpe (formal)
this one éste (masculine)
ésta (feminine)
that one ése (masculine)
ésa (feminine)
that yonder aquél (masculine)
aquella (feminine)
how much? ¿cuánto? Template:IPA
English inglés Template:IPA
yes Template:IPA
no no Template:IPA
I don’t understand no comprendo
no entiendo
I don’t know no sé Template:IPA
where is the bathroom? ¿Dónde está el baño? Template:IPA
generic toast salud Template:IPA lit. health
Do you speak English? (direct polite) ¿Habla inglés? Template:IPA (listen) polite question
What is your name? ¿Cómo se llama? polite question
I hope (to wish, to hope) Ojalá Template:IPA

Sundanese (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Sundanese: Basa Sunda
  • Hello: Halo
  • Welcome: Wilujeng sumping
  • Good morning: Wilujeng énjing
  • Good afternoon: Wilujeng siang
  • Good evening: Wilujeng sonten
  • Good night: Wilujeng wengi
  • Thank You: Hatur nuhun
  • You're welcome: Sami sami
  • Yes: Muhun
  • No: Henteu
  • How much?: Sabaraha?
  • English: Basa Inggris
  • Can you speak English?: Tiasa nyarios basa Inggris?
  • I don't understand: Abdi henteu ngartos
  • Where is the restroom?: Di mana jamban?

Swahili (Bantu)[ཞུན་དག།]

Usage Note: Greetings in Swahili are a crucial aspect of Swahili culture; it is not uncommon for a conversation to last five minutes before it actually moves beyond saying “Hello”. There is no generic word for “Hello” in the language, rather there are numerous options depending on the relative ages and/or race of the people involved, as well as singular and plural forms. A non-comprehensive list would include “hujambo” (reply “sijambo”) for two people of similar age and race, “jambo” (reply “jambo”) for between white and black people, “Shikamoo” (reply “Marahaba”) for a young person to an elderly person, “Hodi” (reply “Karibu”) when in the doorway of a house. There are additionally numerous informal greetings such as “Mambo”, “Safi”, and many more. Farewells are abrupt or even non-existent.

Translation Phrase IPA
Swahili Kiswahili Template:IPA
hello Jambo Template:IPA
good-bye kwa heri Template:IPA
please tafadhali Template:IPA
thank you asante Template:IPA
that one yule Template:IPA
how much? ngapi Template:IPA
where? wapi Template:IPA
English Kiingereza Template:IPA
yes ndiyo Template:IPA
no hapana Template:IPA
generic toast Template:IPA

puta nyo haseyo

Swedish (Germanic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Swedish svenska Template:IPA
hello hej Template:IPA
good-bye hej då Template:IPA
please tack as in “yes, please”
snälla as in “please, show me to the station”
var så god as in “please come in and make yourself at home”
excuse me ursäkta mig Template:IPA or Template:IPA
sorry förlåt /
thank you tack Template:IPA
that one den där Template:IPA
how much? hur mycket? Template:IPA
English engelska Template:IPA
yes ja Template:IPA or Template:IPA
no nej Template:IPA (neiy)
generic toast skål Template:IPA
banana banan Template:IPA
what time is it? vad är klockan? Template:IPA
Where's the toilet? var är toaletten? Template:IPA
I don’t understand jag förstår inte Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Talar du engelska? Template:IPA

Tagalog/Filipino (Malayo-Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Note: The polite forms of some phrases — those which make use of the word — should generally be used when speaking to persons of authority and seniority, or to show reverence to the person to whom spoken. With friends and in casual situations, is not used.

Translation Phrase IPA
Tagalog Tagalog Template:IPA
Filipino Pilipino Template:IPA
Hello/How are you? Kumustá/Kumustá ka? Template:IPA
I’m fine, and you? Mabuti namán, ikáw? Template:IPA
Good-bye Paalam (pô) Template:IPA
Please pakí-(verb) (pô) Template:IPA
Thank you Salamat (pô) Template:IPA
You're welcome Waláng anumán (pô) (literally, "No problem") Template:IPA
That one Iyon (pô)(object far from person spoken to) [demonstrative] Ayun (pô) [reflective] Template:IPA
That one (object near to/held by person spoken to) Iyan (pô) [demonstrative] Ayan (pô)ˈ [reflective] Template:IPA
How much? Magkano (pô)? Template:IPA
English Ingglés Template:IPA
Yes Oo / Opò (polite form) Template:IPA
No Hindî
Hindí pô (polite form)
Where's the bathroom? Nasaán ang banyo? Template:IPA
What is your name? (casual) Anó ang pangalan mo? Template:IPA
What is your name? (formal) Anó pô ang inyóng pangalan? Template:IPA
Sorry Paumanhín (pô) Template:IPA
I don’t know Hindí ko (pô) alám Template:IPA
I don’t understand Hindí ko (pô) naíintindihan Template:IPA
I don’t remember Hindí ko (pô) natátandaan Template:IPA
Welcome/Generic toast Mabuhay! (literally, "Long live!") Template:IPA
I am sick Masamâ (po) ang pakiramdám ko (literally, "I’m not feeling well") Template:IPA
Do you speak English? Marunong ka bang magsalitâ ng Ingglés? Template:IPA

Tamil (Dravidian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Transliteration IPA
Tamil தமிழ் Template:IPA
hello வணக்கம் Vanakkam Template:IPA
good-bye சென்று வருகிறேன் sentru varukireen Template:IPA
please தயவு செய்து thayavu seithu Template:IPA
thank you நன்றி nandri Template:IPA
sorry மன்னிக்கவும் mannikkavum
that one அது adhu Template:IPA
how much? எவ்வளவு evvalavu Template:IPA
yes ஆம் aam Template:IPA
no இல்லை illai Template:IPA
I don’t understand எனக்குப் புரியவில்லை ennaku puriyavillai
Where's the bathroom? குளியலறை எங்கே உள்ளது? kuliyalarai engai ullathu?
generic toast (not used in formal occasions and to elders): Hey! டேய்! dei Template:IPA
English ஆங்கிலம் aangilam Template:IPA
Do you speak English? நீங்கள் ஆங்கிலம் பேசுவீர்களா? neengal aanglilam paysuveerkala?

Please note that spoken Tamil is very different from formal written Tamil. The above phrases are in written Tamil and thus sound very awkward and stilted when used in everyday speech.

Tatar (Turkic)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • äye — yes
  • yuq — no
  • isänme(sez)/sawmı(sız) — hello
  • sälâm — hi
  • saw bul(ığız)/xuş(ığız) — goodbye
  • zínhar öçen — please
  • min — I
  • sin — you
  • ul — he / she / it
  • bez — we
  • sez — you
  • alar — they
  • millät — nation
  • İngliz(çä) — English

Telugu (Dravidian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
Telugu Andhra Bhasha Template:IPA
hello namaskaaram Template:IPA
good-bye Selavu Template:IPA
please Daya chesi Template:IPA
thank you Dhanyavadamulu Template:IPA
that one adi Template:IPA
how much? Enta Template:IPA
English Aanglam Template:IPA
yes Avunu Template:IPA
no Kaadu Template:IPA
I don’t understand Naaku artham kaledhu
Where is the bathroom? bathroom ekkada?
How are you? ela Vunnaru?
Language Basha
Where are we going? ekkadiki veluthunam?

Thai (Tai-Kadai)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Transliteration
hello/goodbye สวัสดี sawàtdii
goodbye ลาก่อน lææ-kɔ̀ɔn
thank you ขอบคุณ khɔ̀ɔp khun
you're welcome ไม่เป็นไร mâi pen rai
yes ใช่ châi
no ไม่ใช่ mâi châi
excuse me, sorry ขอโทษ khɔ̌ɔ thôot
How are you? สบายดีไหม sàbaay dii mǎay?
I am fine สบายดี sàbaay dii
what is your name? คุณชื่ออะไร khun chɯ̂ɯ àrai?
my name is ... ผม/ดิฉันชื่อ... phǒm/dìchǎn chɯ̂ɯ...
nice to know you ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก yindii thîi dâi rúucàk
nice to know you too เช่นกัน chen gun
How much does this cost? ราคาเท่าไร ra ka thao rai?

Polite language in Thai requires that a politeness marker be at the end of every phrase. The markers differ according to the gender of the speaker:

Gender of speaker Marker Transliteration
male ครับ khráp
female (question) คะ khá
female (statement) ค่ะ khâ

Tok Pisin (Neo-Melanesian English creole)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Pidgin: Tok Pisin
  • hello: gut de
  • good-bye: gut bai
  • please: plis
  • thank you: tenkyu
  • that one: em
  • how much?: haumas
  • English: Inglis
  • yes: yes
  • no: nogat
  • nevermind, it doesn’t matter: maski
  • I don’t know: mi no save (save is two syllables sa-ve)

Turkish (Turkic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
hello merhaba Template:IPA
welcome hoş geldiniz Template:IPA
good morning günaydın Template:IPA
good afternoon iyi günler Template:IPA
good evening iyi akşamlar Template:IPA
good night iyi geceler Template:IPA
good bye hoşçakal/hoşçakalın Template:IPA / Template:IPA
please lütfen Template:IPA
thank you teşekkür ederim Template:IPA
how much ne kadar Template:IPA
English İngilizce Template:IPA
Turkish Türkçe Template:IPA
yes evet Template:IPA
no hayır Template:IPA

Tz'utujil (Mayan)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA
hello colí Template:IPA
good morning sacarí Template:IPA
good afternoon caj'ij Template:IPA
good night xuca'a Template:IPA
good-bye na'an
thank you maltióx Template:IPA
Let's go! Jo! Template:IPA
How are you? Utz? Template:IPA
yes ken Template:IPA
no ken ta' Template:IPA

Ukrainian (Slavic)[ཞུན་དག།]

Note: adjectives have different forms when describing feminine, masculine or neuter nouns.

Translation Phrase IPA Literally
Ukrainian українська, f.

український, m.
українське, n.



hello привіт Template:IPA “greetings”
good-bye до побачення Template:IPA “until seeing”
please будь ласка Template:IPA “be kind”
thank you дякую Template:IPA
yes так Template:IPA
no ні Template:IPA
I am sorry мені шкода, пробачте мені Template:IPA
generic toast будьмо Template:IPA “let us be”

Urdu (Indo-Iranian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Transliteration
Urdu اردو Template:IPA urdū
Hello! !اسلام و عليکم Template:IPA assalām vālekum
Hello! (reply) !و عليکم السلام Template:IPA vālekum assalām
Goodbye! !خداحافظ Template:IPA xuda hāfiz
please* مہربانی فرماکے Template:IPA mehrbānī farmake
Thank you.* شکريہ Template:IPA shukriyā
Thank you very much! !بہت بہت شکريہ Template:IPA bahut bahut shukriyā
Welcome! !خوش آمديد Template:IPA xūsh amded
Excuse me. معاف کيجۓ Template:IPA māf kījīye
Don’t mention it. کوئ بات نہيں Template:IPA koī bāt nahī
Yes. جی ہاں Template:IPA jī hān
No. جی نہيں Template:IPA jī nahīn
good/right اچھا Template:IPA acchan
(all-purpose adj./interj.)
How are you? آپ کيسے ہيں/کیسی ہيں؟ Template:IPA āp kaise hain/kaisī hain? (m/f)
OK! ٹھيک ہے Template:IPA Template:Unicode
one minute! (“just a sec”; interj.) ايک منٹ Template:IPA ek minaṭ
I don’t understand ميں نہين سمجھا Template:IPA main nahīn samjha/samjhī (m/f)
I don’t know مجھے نہين پتہ Template:IPA mujhe nahi pata (m/f)
English انگريزی Template:IPA angrezī
what is your name? آپ کا کیا نام ہے؟ Template:IPA āp ka kyā nām hai?
my name is ... میرا نام ... ہے Template:IPA merā nām ... hai
It was nice to meet you آپ سے مل کر بہت خوشی ہوئ Template:IPA āp se milkar bahut xūshī huī
Nice to meet you too مجھے بھی Template:IPA mujhe bhī
How much does this cost? اس کی کیا قيمت ہے؟ Template:IPA iskī kyā qīmat hai?
Do you speak English? کيا آپ انگريزی بولتے/بولتی ہيں؟ Template:IPA kya āp angrezī bolte/boltī (m/f) hain?
  • *These are not used nearly as casually in Urdu as they are in Western languages.

Vietnamese (Viet-Muong)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Vietnamese tiếng Việt tyeng vyet
Hello xin chào sin tsao
Good bye tạm biệt tahm byet
Yes koh
No không khong
Thank you cảm ơn kahm uhn
You're welcome không có chi khong koh tsee
Sorry xin lỗi toy sin loy
English tiếng Anh tyeng ahn
Do you speak English? Bạn có biết nói tiếng Anh không? bahn koh byet noy tyeng ahn khong?
Please làm ơn lahm uhn
Who? ai? aye?
What? cái gì? kie zee? / kie yee?
When? khi nào? khee now?
Where? ở đâu? uh doh?
Why? tại sao? tie sao?
How? như thế nào? nyue theh now?

Visayan/Filipino (Malayo Polynesian)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
English Inglés
Visayan Bisayan
Hello helo
good-bye paalam
How are you? Kumusta (ka na)
Where? asa?
This one? ma o ni?/kani?
thank you salamat
Do you speak English? maka istorya ka'g inglés?
Do you speak Visayan? maka istorya ka'g bisaya?
yes o'o
no dili
this or this? kani o kani?
What time is it? unsa nang oras?
Do you understand? kasabut ka?
How much? pila?
Have a good trip! maayong pag biyahe!

Võro (Finno-Ugric)[ཞུན་དག།]

Translation Phrase IPA Comments
Võro võro kiil Template:IPA
hello tereq Template:IPA
good-bye hääd aigo Template:IPA literally "(have a) good time"
please pallõsi Template:IPA literally "I would beg"
thank you aiteh

(a more formal expression, it literally means “I would thank (you)”.)
you're welcome pallõsi Template:IPA
this seo
that one tuu Template:IPA
how much? ku pall'o? Template:IPA
English inglüse kiil Template:IPA
yes jah Template:IPA
no ei Template:IPA
sorry andkõ andis Template:IPA
I don’t understand Saa-ai arvo Template:IPA
generic toast tervüses Template:IPA literally "to/for health"
Do you speak English? Kas ti kõnõlõt inglüse kiilt? Template:IPA
Where is the bathroom/toilet? Kon om peldik / WC? Template:IPA
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hüvvä joulu ja õnnõlikku vahtsõt aastakka! Template:IPA

Welsh (Celtic)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • Welsh: Cymraeg (kum-RAig)
  • English: Saesneg (SAY-sneg)
  • Good morning!: Bore da! (bo-re da)
  • Good afternoon!: P'nawn da! (p'nown da)
  • Welcome!: Croeso! (KROY-so)
  • Goodbye!: Da boch chi! (da BO-khi)
  • Cheerio!: Hwyl fawr! (hooil vowR)
  • Good night!: Nos da! (noss da)
  • Please: Os gwelwch chi'n dda (oss GWEL-oo-khin dha)
  • Thank you: Diolch (DEE-olkh)
  • Thank you very much: Diolch yn fawr (DEE-olkh'n vowR)
  • You're welcome: Da chi (dah khee)
  • No thank you: Dim diolch (dim dee-olkh)
  • Yes: Ie (EE-eh), Do (doh), Oes (oyss), Ydy (UD-ee) etc.

There are at least 20 words for “yes”.

To answer “yes” you must agree with the question.

“Oes...?” (Is there...?) is answered with “Oes” (Yes there is).

“Ydy...?” (Is he/she...?) is answered with “Ydy” (Yes he/she is).

“Ydw...?” (Am I...?) would however be answered appropriately with “Ydych” (Yes you are) and vice versa.

“Ie” (Yes) is only used when a proper question hasn’t been asked, or in reply to “Ai...?” (Is it...?).

“Do” (Yes I did, Yes you did, etc.) is used in reply to questions in the past tense.

  • No: Na (nah)

To contradict someone or to give a more definite “no” you can however precede the words for “yes” with “na” or “nag”, e.g. “Nag oes!” (No there isn’t!) (The opposite of Do is Naddo.)

  • (I’m) sorry!: Mae'n flin gen i! (mye'n vleen Gen ee)
  • Isn’t it? Wouldn’t it? Aren’t they? Won’t we? etc.: Ynte? (un-teh)
  • Cheers! Good health!: Iechyd da! (YEKH-id dah)

Yoruba (Benue-Congo)[ཞུན་དག།]

  • hello: Ba wo ni
  • good-bye: O da bo
  • please: E jo
  • thank you: O se/E se
  • that one: Iyen
  • how much?: E lo?
  • English: Oyinbo
  • yes: Be ni
  • no: Be ko

See also[ཞུན་དག།]

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