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Place your request for adminship here, after the voting place the request at Meta: Requests for permissions.

Using this page[ཞུན་དག།]

Note: Do not place votes in this section.

  1. Place the following code at the bottom of the appropriate section below:
    === [[User:...]] ===
    Your text with remarks ~~~~
  2. And post your request.

    Current nominations for adminship[ཞུན་དག།]


    Several people have asked me to be an Admin on this Wiki and I am willing to do this. I have basic knowledge of Dzongkha, and professional knowlege of character, font, and encoding issues and development of Dzongkha websites. I work as an IT consultant for the Dzongkha Development Commission (over 5 years), and previously worked for the National Library and Archives of Bhutan and for the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Bhutan. I have been making some contributions to the Dzongkha Wikipedia since January 2008 and editing other Wikipedia projects since February 2005.

    I will ask someone else to volunteer as well, since I think it is important to have a minimum of at least two administrators with knowledge of Dzongkha if this Wiki is going to get anywhere.

    CFynn (talk) (Chris Fynn) ༠༦:༢༩, ༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)


    1. I know CFynn's great contribution about Bhutan in English Wikipedia and in Wikimedia Commons. I'm glad CFynn decided to restore order in Dzongkha Wikipedia. This Wikipedia really needs to get an administrator with knowledge of Dzongkha language. I'm glad that CFynn invite users who know Dzongkha, as in this wiki is not enough users. Support his candidacy. --Impro (talk) ༡༠:༣༤, ༩ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)
    2. I have known CFynn for years and have collaborated with him on three separate occasions while working for the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Bhutan. He has excellent technical skills, he understands the bhutanese culture, and most importantly with good intentions he is very committed to the advancement of dzongkha computing in its various aspects (proper rendering of its characters, digitalisation of source material, organisation of resources, etc.). I support his candidacy. --Amontano7 (talk) ༡༢:༢༣, ༩ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)
    3. I am delighted to support CFynn's request. His commitment to Bhutan is without question, as is his technical expertise. He will be such a credit to the Wikipedia. I have contributed to the Wikipedia for a decade and am an admin on the Volapük Wikipedia. Evertype (talk) ༡༠:༣༤, ༩ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)
    4. CFynn has an excellent contribution of his photos. It should be a good start Neon (talk) ༢༡:༢༣, ༡༡ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)




    As recommended by CFynn, I am willing to contribute to Dzongkha Wikipedia by being an admin. I am brought up and educated in Bhutan. I have degree in Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from India. I am now working at the Dzongkha Development Commission.

    Tenraj (talk) ༡༠:༥༦, ༨ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)


    1. CFynn
    2. I am glad that Administrator with competently Dzongkha language will be in Dzongkha Wikipedia. This wikipedia really needs in Admin with competently Dzongkha language. I hope you make a lot of useful contribution. --Impro (talk) ༡༠:༤༨, ༩ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)
    3. I hope the new administrator should bring to Dzongka community a good structure to colect knowledge in Dzongka language. Neon (talk) ༢༡:༣༠, ༡༡ སྤྱི་ཟླ་ལྔ་པ། ༢༠༡༤ (UTC)



    Granted requests[ཞུན་དག།]

    See: Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Granted

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